Titli 30th September 2023 Written Update

Titli 30th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Titli 30th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Titli and Koel trying to send off Megha. The hospital staff comes to take Chiku. Titli asks Chiku to come. Chiku says I don’t want to go. She asks why. He says I won’t go. She says fine, can you tell me your name. Manikant worries. He signs the men. Titli says wait, he is scared, let me talk. She asks his name. Chiku says Chichi. She says your name is cute, they will take you to family. Chiku says I won’t go. He bites the man’s hand and runs. He locks the door. Titli asks him to open the room. The men take some tools and says it’s a way to control him. Titli says no, it’s a wrong way. Garv plays a song. Chiku comes out and dances. Titli smiles. She says you wanted to give him electric current and take him, my husband played a song and convinced him, can you tell me about Chichi’s family.

The man says the details will be at the hospital. Titli says we will send him to his family. Manikant thinks I can’t say anything, else she will doubt me. She sends the men. Maina argues. Titli says he won’t do anything wrong, Garv and I will handle. Megha says I can stay and help you, I m a psychiatrist. Maina says yes. Titli says its okay, we will handle, you can go. Maina asks why, Megha can stay.

Megha settles in the room. Titli comes and shows the family pic. She says we don’t need anyone, I asked you to go, you didn’t go for a reason, what do you want. Megha says you may not need me, but this family needs me, they will love me, this is my family also. Titli says no, this pic doesn’t look good here, you are a guest, not family, keep your pic. Titli goes. Garv and Titli talk about Chiku. She says he is sweet and innocent, we will help him, you deserve a praise, you handled him well, I m impressed. He says it means I can get a reward today. She says no. He says fine, don’t get angry.

He lies to sleep. She kisses on his cheek. He gets happy. He pulls her close and says I don’t want to sleep alone. Chiku comes and says me too, can I sleep here. She says yes, come and sleep with Garv. Chiku sleeps with Garv. Titli jokes.

She thinks Garv is walking in the right direction. Manikant looks on and thinks Garv and Chiku are bonding a lot, the truth will come out, I have to make Chiku away from this house. Chintu is sad. He sees Dhrishti’s pic. Jaishri asks what happened, is everything fine in Titli’s Sasural. He says yes, I was missing her. Dhara calls him and pacifies him. He tears the pic. Its morning, Garv sits to have food. He sees Megha. Megha says I have made this food. He asks why. Maina says she knows a man should get breakfast before going to work, don’t know where is Titli. Titli gets Chiku. She asks him to go to room and finish the food. She says Garv, I will get your breakfast. Maina says he already got it. Megha says its okay, Titli has much work, she goes to flower shop also, sorry, I forgot, the shop got burnt. She provokes Titli and Garv. Maina says I had ignited the fire. Garv says that wasn’t the truth, I had ignited the fire.

Megha says its our first date for therapy session, Garv. Titli says I have to find out her motive. She sees a pic and says it means Megha loves Garv.

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