Udaariyaan 14th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 14th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 14th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nehmat checking some papers. Harleen comes to her. She says its your property papers, I have named my share to you. She scolds Nehmat. She asks her to just go away. Nehmat says I will go by my wish. Harleen says I won’t let you ruin anyone’s heart, Ekam is my husband, stay away from him, I can go to any extent to protect him from you, I won’t let Ekam cry because of you, you remember how I left Ekam because of you, now you can’t hurt Ekam. The people talk to Rupy and joke on his daughters. Rupy says its happening wrong, it doesn’t mean that I make them leave the house. The man says either make them leave the house or remove them from your property. Sartaj comes and says great, you have said a good thing, you have won my heart. The man says yes, wrong is wrong. Sartaj says yes, wrong is wrong, you are saying right. Rupy and Harman look on. Nehmat says fine, you do what you want, I will do what I want.

Harleen says now I understand why Ekam is worried seeing this new Nehmat, I used to get happy that I got the world’s best sister. Nehmat says you got to know my truth, don’t have any misunderstanding about me. Harleen says never, you have left Naaz behind, you wanted land papers, you know Rupy was going to give your share, you should have thought about them, you are doing much wrong. She goes. Nehmat sees the papers and cries. She tears the papers.

Sartaj says you won’t like my opinion, I m the one who got Nehmat back home. He answers the men. He argues with the men and asks them not to say nonsense about anyone they don’t know. Rupy smiles. Sartaj says everyone has respect, one shouldn’t talk wrong. He asks the men to leave. Harleen comes and sees Jasmin. Jasmin says I don’t lie always, you know how is Nehmat, I have always tried to explain you, did you see what all she can do, her truth will come out, why did she run away from mandap, she has come to take property. Harleen asks her to stop it. Jasmin says Naaz didn’t get sense, and you don’t want to understand, can’t you see, you have tolerated a lot, even then you think I m wrong. She asks her to stop Nehmat. She says Nehmat has come here for Ekam, Sartaj is just a lie. Naaz calls Rupy and says he isn’t answering. She says Rupy and Jasmin had to take me home for Pagphere rasam, no one worries for me. Balbeer asks is it necessary to go. Naaz says yes, I have to see how much they are hurt by Nehmat’s demand. He says you should get the property, okay. Cherry says this won’t happen. Naaz says Nehmat always hinders my plans. Balbeer says I will drop you. She sees Ekam and says no, someone should drop me, Nehmat’s truth has come out. She asks Ekam will you do my work. She says I have to go home for pagphere, will you drop me.

Rupy cries and recalls Nehmat’s words. He gets sad. Harman consoles him. Sartaj says tell me one thing, you want to confuse me, Nehmat praises you a lot, you are sitting like you have lost everything. Rupy says nothing is left now. Sartaj says you have a son in law like me, I promise, I won’t let your respect get ruined, forget whatever happened, it will happen what you want. Rupy nods. Sartaj asks when are we going home, I m very hungry. They leave. Nehmat gets her clothes. She says Harleen has said right, I have hurt everyone. Ekam thinks of Nehmat. She angrily washes the clothes. He says fine, I will drop you. Cherry jokes. Naaz thanks him and says you care for your Chachi a lot. Ekam says I will see how long will Nehmat run from my questions. Naaz thinks see what I do, Ekam and Nehmat’s chapter will get closed forever.

The episode ends

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