[V] Suvreen Guggal 30th April 2013 Written Update

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[V] Suvreen Guggal 30th April 2013 Written Update by Chamakchallo30

[V] Suvreen Guggal 30th April 2013 Written Episode

We see Jolly approaching and all the interns standing up. He speaks about some new project they are gonna handle. He tells the other interns about their duties and informs Suvi that she will be their assistant in this project because after the recent fiasco her bosses don’t trust her. Alisha is smirking from behind and so are Vikram and geeti. Jolly begins explaining Suvi about the duties she must perform. In whispers Alisha prompts him from behind to ask Suvi about ‘fabric of Nagpur thread’. He tells everyone that it will be Suvreen’s responsibility to arrange for the thread. Vikram and Geeti laugh at her from behind while Suvi asks him what does it mean? He says that you are a fool not knowing what it is…

Then Suvi sets out in search of preeti to open the stock room door. Suvi searches all over but Preethi is nowhere. Meanwhile Geeti and Vikram are giggling to themselves and talking about latest trends in sandles Preeti comes there and tells them that They look really good and she wishes that she had someone like that for her, that she too had a boy friend.

Ira and RC are having a conversation over dinner. RC says they shouldn’t have shared office with jolly.. rc goes he can’t get along with jolly ira says she knows how to control jolly as long as they don’t challenge his decisions he wil be fine don’t we will find new office space just 2 months more she tells rc nt to worry.. Ira feeds RC corn sabzi.
Suvi is going here and there not knowing what ‘Nagpur dhage ka fabric’ is. She collides with Ira and Ira scolds her for wasting time roaming around while other interns are working. Suvi asks Ira about the fabric and Ira says ‘oh no not again about Nagpur thread fabric!’ Suvi replies that Jolly asked her to find it.
Jolly replies that he only played a well known prank and Suvi is a fool not realizing it.

Next scene Suvi is home and the maid is working. Suvi says ‘what a humid place Mumbai is’ and falls on the sofa. Then she goes to the fridge only to find all the ice missing. The maid informs her that Maddy has taken all the ice for the party that’s been going on since yesterday at his home. Suvreen is really furious and walks over to the party venue. She directly goes to where the Ice has been kept and throws it on the floor. Maddy stands up and chides her. They have an argument and Maddy tells his friends that Suvreen is the Mumbai hater and they should welcome her to the party. Nothing Suvi says has an effect on him and he smirks and says the door is that way. Suvi is disgusted and leaves the party.

She reaches home and Yuvraj calls her, he realizes that something is wrong asks her about it. She says if I say something you’ll say im crying. He asks again and she tells him that its only 24 hours since she got a new accommodation and trouble has already begun. He gets angry and tells her that she should not worry, he is there to handle everything and if needed he’ll come to Mumbai to take care of the guy. He asks her to give him the man’s number. Suvi replies that no need, she is capable of handling the PP(pagal padosi) herself; if there’s anything she can’t handle she will call him.

Yuvraj calls Suvi’s mother and they have a long conversation. Yuvi tells her about the problem Suvi is facing in Mumbai due to the pagal padosi. She says that let her handle it, good thing you two patched up, don’t quarrel again.

After the call she tells her husband that she has made Rajma chawal today. she reminces that its Suvi’s favorite and she is really missing her. he asks her ‘is Suvi feeling the same about you’? she replies that of course she does. We are not westerners to express our feelings so openly. I want to go to Mumbai. Take me there.

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