Woh To Hai Albelaa 16th May 2023 Written Update

Woh To Hai Albelaa 16th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Woh To Hai Albelaa 16th May 2023 Written Episode

Chaman threatens to kill Sayuri’s children if she doesn’t convince Kanha to leave her and accept Chaman. She burns Kiara’s pic. Sayuri snatches photo from her. Sayuri pleads her to spare her children. Chaman demands her to teach her to be like Sayuri and how to lure Kanha.

Bhanu notices Rashmi trying to leave house and stops her. Rashmi says her masalas caught worms, so she is going to confront the shopkeeper who gave wet masalas. Sayuri tells Chaman that Kanha loves her and not her dressing and speaking style. Chaman says leave that to her and just teach her style. Nakul walks to Sayuri and angrily looks at Chaman. Sayuri stops him and asks what happened, signaling him to calm down. Nakul says Kanha is calling him to serve him medicine. Sayuri sends him to Saroj. Chaman threatens Sayuri again to obey her orders or else face dire consequences.

Rashmi drags Tingu out of house and asks if he has gone mad to enter house freely. Tingu twists her hand and says he is not a tribal man but Sayuri’s trusted commander now and Rashmi is just a fugitive in her house and not Chaudhry marbles’ owner. Rashmi says she has a plan which will make Chaman fall in his love. Tingu says he wants Chaman’s friendship and wants to win her heart naturally. Rashmi says she will explain her plan later. Tingu continues to yell at her and walks away. Rashmi thinks she is stuck between 2 boats.

Sayuri walks to Kanha and asks what happened. Kanha says he is not getting sleep due to high temperature. Sayuri asks him to close his eyes and keeps ice box near fan. Kanha says she is really a magician. Sayuri asks him to sleep peacefully now. Kanha insists her to sleep with him. She says he may get hurt in sleep. Kanha says he is not that hurt and pulls her towards him. Jane Do Na Jane Jane Do Na.. song plays in the background. Sayuri makes sleep and walks away. Chaman gets jealous seeing Sayuri in Kanha’s arms and asks if she is not ashamed to sleep beside someone else’s partner. She asks her to train her soon and leave the house.

Next morning, Sayuri gets Chaman reads in her dress and make up. Tingu feels jealous seeing that and messages Rashmi to reveal her plan. Rashmi replies not yet. Kanha walks to kitchen and hugs Sayuri from behind. He is shocked to see its Chaman instead and panics on Sayuri. Sayuri says its okay as Chaman’s clothes are in laundry and she wore her clothes. Kanha calls Nakul and asks him to execute their earlier plan soon and get Chaman out of their house soon.

Precap: Sayuri demands divorce from Kanha. Kanha says they are one and can never separate. Chaman shows him divorce papers and asks him to sign next to Sayuri’s signatures.

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