Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th November 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th November 2023 Written Episode

The Mobile shop Salesman tells Kashvi that she has done bad upbringing of her son, and says how can you be so careless about your son. He asks her to give his phone to him. Kashvi asks Karun to give the phone. Karun refuses. Kashvi says I know how to take it, and tickles him. Karun says this is cheating. Kashvi says that means uncle was right, you have taken this phone and asks him to return it. Karun refuses. Kashvi says I will call Police uncle and he will take phone from you. Karun gives the phone to her. Kashvi gives the phone to the salesman. She tells Karun that this is a bad habit. She gets Dadi’s call and asks him not to get down from the car. She tells Dadi that God has sent someone, because of him, she feels that her new life has started, and says she got her dream man. She says I got him because of him, I want to live. Dadi asks who is he? Kashvi says she will bring him home and then she can see. Dadi asks her to bring him fast. She thanks Mata Rani for sending Kashvi’s dream man. Kashvi asks Karun what is his name? Karun tells his name and says he wants to go to Mamma. Kashvi asks why did you steal the phone? Karun says I didn’t steal the phone and tells that he will call Police, and will tell that she has kidnapped him.

Kashvi is surprised and tells that the Police needs evidence. She says there is a evidence of the shop and says CCTV footage. Karun says Mamma said that Police will not arrest small kid like me. He says he gave the phone as he don’t want it. Kashvi tells him that his nose is getting bigger as he is lying since a long time. Karun says my nose seems fine. Kashvi says you have lied and that’s why you can’t see it, but others can see. Karun tells that now his Mamma will not talk to him. Kashvi says she has an idea and asks him to give number of his Dad, so that she calls him. She says you shall tell him truth, then your nose will be fine again. Karun gives her Arjun’s number. Arjun is searching Karun and gets Kashvi’s call. Kashvi calls him and says hello….Karun gets scared hearing the crackers’ sound and shouts Mamma. Kashvi asks Driver to talk to Karun’s father and gives him her address. She runs to Karun and hugs him. Driver tells Arjun that his son is with them and gives the address to pick up his son. Arjun thinks to go home and take Mahima along with him to pick Karun. Driver drives the car.

Dadi is happy that she will welcome the guy with aarti and thanks her. Door bell rings. Kashvi comes there. Dadi asks where is he, I want to do his aarti. Kashvi asks why you are looking up, and tells that he is here. Dadi is surprised to see the small boy. Kashvi asks her to do his aarti, and says he got saved from accident. Dadi does aarti. Karun asks if I am God that my aarti is done. Kashvi tells that there is God in every child and he came for the first time, so got his aarti done. Dadi is about to apply tika to him, but Karun refuses. Dadi asks him to come inside. Karun comes inside. Kashvi sees the arrangements and asks what is it? Dadi says she thought she is bringing her dream man. Kashvi says if he is less cute than any dream man, and takes Karun to the inhouse temple, and prays for him. She prays that she feels connected with him and her heart wants to handle him and take care of him. She says she feels she has relation with him of past birth. She ties the mata rani’s band on his forehead. He says he wants another one for his Mamma, so that he can fulfill all her wishes. Kashvi says your Mamma must love you so much. She asks if she can apply tika to him. Karun thinks aunty is so good, she tied friendship band to me, so I will let her apply tika to me. He asks her to apply him tika. Kashvi applies tika to her forehead and then keeps her forehead on his to apply the tika. Yeh hain chahatein plays…..

Dadi tells Kashvi that she is upset with her. Kashvi says I didn’t lie and tells that she felt happiness hugging him. Dadi goes to do puja. Kashvi makes him wear shoes. She gets a call and attends it. Karun goes to the kitchen and makes sandwich. He injures his finger while cutting the bread, and shouts Mamma. Kashvi comes there and keeps his hand on the water, and asks him to say that he is brave, will not cry. Karun says the same thing. Kashvi washes his injury and then ties bandage to his finger. She asks what you were doing here, and says kids don’t play with knife. She asks why you came to kitchen. Karun says I came to have something, but there was nothing, so I thought to make sandwich for me. Kashvi says how can you make it? Karun says I make it at home also. Kashvi is surprised.

Precap: Arjun tells Mahima that a lady saved Karun and took him to her home. Kashvi makes sandwich for Karun and makes him eat it. Arjun comes to Kashvi’s house. Dadi says you.

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