Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sirat asking will you forget me, will you come to meet me, if I call or on your own. Kartik says yes, you go first. She says I will go in two days, then you all will miss me, Kairav, Maudi and you. He asks are you done, come. Suwarna applies mehendi to Sirat. Surekha says mehendi comes from sasural, why are you applying mehendi to her. Sirat gets sad. Nidhi comes and says so take this, apply mehendi that has come from Sasural. Sirat sees her and runs to hug her. She says this is Nidhi, Ranvir’s sister. She asks where is Ranvir. Nidhi says he doesn’t know, mum has sent me. Kartik comes. Sirat says she is Nidhi. Kartik says I know, we met at the hospital. Nidhi thanks Kartik and family for getting Ranvir and Sirat married. She says mum has said thanks to you all. Suwarna says thanks for getting mehendi. Surekha asks her to apply mehendi. Gayu says then we will sing and dance. Nidhi says no, I can’t stay. Kartik and everyone insist. Sirat says Ranvir will go mad happily, he was missing you and mum, please stay. He says I can understand your fear, if you had courage to come, then stay back for some time. Nidhi nods. She applies mehendi to Sirat.

Sirat says apply the design over this design, Ranvir will be so happy. Nidhi says I met Kartik and didn’t feel like a stranger, he understood me. Sirat thinks he understands me very well. Everyone sings and dances. Yeh rishta….plays…. Gayu says Ranvir’s name isn’t written in this, this happened with me also, then Naira smartly wrote S in it. Everyone tells of their mehendi functions. Surekha reminds Naira’s mehendi. Gayu says Naira didn’t like mehendi, but she used to apply it for Kartik, she used to hide Kartik’s name in a way that he couldn’t find it. Kartik says she liked to trouble me, I m fine, don’t spoil Sirat’s function, we can smile and think of Naira. He goes. Sirat thinks Kartik would have got upset and thinking of Naira. She gets up and says I will just come. She collides with Kartik. He asks what happened, why are you running. She asks are you fine, where were you. He says I went to have water. Suwarna says your mehendi got spoiled. Surekha smiles. Sirat says why does this happen with me always.

Suwarna says don’t say this. Gayu says think positive. Suwarna says come, we will fix the mehendi. Ranvir comes and says I couldn’t stay without seeing Sirat’s mehendi. Nidhi asks Sirat to make her mood better. Kartik sings my desi girl….. Ranvir makes an entry dances with Kartik. Sirat smiles and dances with them. Manish welcomes Mr. Chauhan. He introduces Akhilesh. Sirat says thanks, I never imagined that my mehendi rasam will be so good. Ranvir says special thanks to Kartik, this was his idea. He hugs Nidhi and says I m glad to see you here. She says mum is calling me. He says say thanks to mum for sending mehendi. He signs Kartik. Kartik says we will take group selfie. Ranvir takes Sirat with him. Manish says we will go that side, we will get disturbed by music here. Ranvir says I got surprise gift for you. He looks for it. He says maybe it fell down near the bike, stay here, I will go and get it. Manish asks Akhilesh to call Kartik. Sirat says no, I know it was just an excuse. Ranvir asks her to stop. Kartik comes and says guys, everyone is calling you both, what happened. Sirat says its Ranvir’s mistake. Chauhan hears her voice. Sirat says he said he has a gift for me, now he isn’t getting it. Ranvir says tell her that I got a gift. Kartik says I didn’t see the gift, but I m sure that he won’t lie. She asks Ranvir to leave. Chauhan comes there and sees Ranvir. He smiles. He stops seeing Sirat. Kartik says guys, end the matter now, everyone is waiting for me. Manish says function is there, what are you doing here.

Ranvir and Sirat get shocked seeing Chauhan. Manish says sorry, I have to introduce them in such a strange situation, that’s Kartik, and this is Ranvir and Sirat, they are getting married, and he is Mr. Narender Nath Chauhan. Ranvir says who doesn’t know him, he is my dad. Kartik and Manish get shocked. Ranvir asks Chauhan didn’t he come with gun today, he keeps his hands and image clean, where are the goons, keep a good shooter this time, last time he missed the aim. Akhilesh comes and looks on. Chauhan shouts and asks did you forget what I taught you. He asks are they marrying here. Ranvir says we have names, Ranvir and Sirat, I m getting married, you came here uninvited. Chauhan says I can’t stay here, I shall leave. Sirat says this time, if you try to put hurdles in my marriage, then it won’t be good. Ranvir says let it be Sirat, don’t spoil the rasam fun, I can’t expect him to bless, stay away from my mandap. Chauhan says you didn’t take my opinion, but I m your dad, I don’t need your permission, its my right to advice, my opinion about this girl is still the same.

Sirat says we won’t do the marriage here. Kartik says I will talk to Chauhan. Chauhan gets angry and says that girl can’t even become a maid in my house. Kartik says enough, Ranvir and Sirat’s marriage will happen on the same date.

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  1. Sweety
    May 25, 07:44 Reply

    It will be kaira ki shaadi
    Ranveer kahan sy agaya

  2. Sweety
    May 25, 07:42 Reply

    Kaira is a best jori…
    I wish k sirat hi naira ho agar nhi tu bht hi ghalat hoga kaira k sath

    Heroin nhi maar sakty

  3. Sweety
    May 25, 07:38 Reply

    I hope k sirat hi naira ho
    Can’t see kartik without naira😟

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