Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akshu saying Abhinav used to make a donation on every good occasion, I thought to send jam bottles to ashram. Suwarna says you did good. Abhi comes and thinks you would be missing Abhinav on your anniversary. He says I will try again, I don’t know what you should do, maybe what Abhinav likes, I know your pain won’t get less. He sees Akshu packing the things. Abhi says mum has sent Halwa puri for Abhir. Akshu says wow, he likes it. He says this box is for you. She says Mirchi vadi, she remembers its my fav. He says yes, I will tell her you liked it. She thanks him. Manish and everyone get the boxes. Dadi says there is more space. They see Abhinav’s name on the notes and get sad. Akshu says don’t get emotional, we have to stay happy and keep Abhir happy, we can’t let him know about the anniversary, we have to take appointment with the psychiatrist. Dadi says his sorrow will get less with time. Abhi says he has to accept it, he is hiding his wound, wound heals on getting treated, his mental condition is weak, psychiatrist is also a doctor. Suwarna says I don’t find it right, we can talk to him. Akshu says he isn’t talking, he doesn’t share things because he doesn’t want to trouble us. She explains them. She says he needs help, else he can never accept Abhinav’s loss, I want him back. Manish says don’t worry, we will go to doctor for depression treatment, I will get him. She says thanks, get a smile on your face, we have to keep his distracted. Kairav asks how will we do this. Abhi gets an idea. Manish asks what are you thinking. Abhir wakes up and hears Manish talking. He goes out and sees Manish scolding Kairav. He sees the folded paper planes. He says these were the jewellery designs. Kairav says so sorry, Akshu and I were missing mum and dad, and did this. Manish says you got married, do you like to get scolding in front of her. Abhi says its getting too much. Manish says okay, but what about the meeting. Abhi says we will unfold it. Kairav says yes. Manish asks how will we do it, everyone has to work then it will happen in a day.

Akshu says we will get to work. She asks Abhir did you wake up, have breakfast, your Dida has sent puri and halwa, we will finish our work. Dadi says I will press the papers, start unfolding it. Suwarna gets an iron and gives it to Dadi. Abhir also sits to unfold papers. Akshu and everyone smile. She says I will get halwa puri. She goes. Abhi helps Abhir. Ruhi says Abhir’s friends have sent miss you card for him, they are missing him. Mahima says I m sure he will go to school soon, don’t worry. Ruhi says Poppy told me that Abhir is going to Kasauli with Akshu, he won’t come to our school. Aarohi says its okay, we will go there every month and meet him. Ruhi says its no fun to go there for 2 days. Shefali says we will go and he will also come here, he will play with Shivu and you, you can enjoy there. Ruhi says but they will be alone there, Maasa isn’t there. Aarohi says their friends are there, don’t worry, go and do your homework. Manjiri cries. Mahima says I know what you are thinking, don’t try to interfere in Akshu’s life, let them go if they want. Manjiri says yes, if Abhir is happy and Akshu wants to stay in Abhinav and her house, then they should go to Kasauli, I won’t stop them, I wish Kanha ji helps them. Abhi says the day has passed in this work. Manish, Suwarna and Kairav fold more papers. Abhi passes it to Abhir. Abhir says the papers aren’t ending. Akshu signs Manish. Abhi says Ruhi was saying your friends are waiting for you. Akshu says yes, Golu’s mum called and said the kids are missing Abhir and football, if you want to go, we will go. She gets a paper and sees earring design. She thinks Abhinav had finalized this for me on the anniversary. She cries. Abhi turns Abhir and asks him to drink the milk. She thanks him.

Kairav asks Muskaan where is she doing. She says I have to submit documents to go to Mumbai. Kairav says but Abhir needs all of us. They argue. She says they are trying to make Abhir forget Abhinav. Abhi sees them. Kairav says your reason to go from here is wrong, how long will you stay stuck up, you want to go to Mumbai. She says yes, I feel suffocated here. She goes. Abhi says help me, what shall I do, shall I talk to her or apologize, her brother is still alive. He says nothing, just focus on Abhir, she will understand when her pain gets less. Abhir keeps the papers. Manish says great, you saved my respect. Abhir goes to sleep. Manish says brilliant idea, you saved the day, he didn’t know about the anniversary, you saved him from Abhinav’s memories.

The football breaks the car glass. Akshu challenges the boys. Abhi asks who will play. She says my Abhir will play, I will bring his smile back, it’s a promise.

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