Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th August 2019 Written Episode

Vanita tells Sameer that the deal is almost finalised. The formalities will be over in 2 days. Keep the money ready. Registry will happen with the final payment. You will be our permanent neighbour. Sameer assures her about the payment and thanks her. She leaves. Pundit calls Sameer. Sameer notices sadness in his voice. Pundit shares that Mama ji incurred a big loss in business. He is neck deep in debt. He has gone to Mumbai with Poonam Bhabhi to meet a relative. Sameer thinks of meeting him once. I wouldn’t have been here if he hadn’t done all that. I cannot do wrong just because he did wrong with me. Find out where he is in Mumbai. Pundit tells him he has a big heart. Sameer shares that he is going to become a Chacha. Pundit jumps in excitement. I will come to Mumbai right away. He

drops the plan thinking of Nirmala ji. Sameer reminds him to find out about Mama ji. They end the call. Sameer thinks to inform Naina but she isn’t quite well. He tells her to take care. It isn’t easy to become a mother. You have to take care of yourself. Naina asks him to feed her with his own hands. He agrees. What will the baby think seeing us like that? She doesn’t mind. I was, I am and I will always be first for you irrespective of who comes in our life. He promises her and feeds her with her his hands. Tu Mile Dil Khile plays in the background. She asks him why he seems so sad. He tells her about Mama ji’s financial condition. I think we should bring him to our house. She asks him how he even thought that she will say no. You should have brought him here by now. He will be glad. Our baby also needs his blessings. Sameer says I know you have no place for hatred in your heart. This is the reason why I love you so much. She compliments him for the good in her. She ends up finding her episode’s ending while saying a dialogue. He calls her mad.
Preeti orders grocery leaving Shubham shocked. He starts hiccupping. Please think of economics. She tells him to hold his hiccups. I have to order more. This time Nirmala ji tells her son to lock his economics somewhere. Don’t talk about it in front of me. She tells Preeti to order whatever she wants. Preeti says I ordered everything. I just want to go out for a while now. She asks Shubham who says no but Nirmala ji tells him to take Preeti out once a week. You should take taxi. Shubham gives in against his wish. Nirmala ji tells him to keep Preeti happy so her grandson is born beautiful and happy. It is his demands. Shubham wonders what the baby will be do when it is born. Preeti says your economics will be shaken. Shubham orders a tub of Preeti’s favourite ice cream.

Rakesh isn’t happy hearing that Naina has invited Sameer’s Mama ji. They ruined everything. Naina says it is fate. We came here because of whatever happened. Rakesh says you maybe great but I am not. Don’t tell them about the baby or it will have bad effects on the baby. Naina tells him not to say so. Doorbell rings. Rakesh opens the door. Mama ji’s taunts flash before his eyes in a second. Sameer takes his Mama ji and Poonam inside. Poonam and Naina exchange pleasantries. Mama ji looks at Sameer’s house and his own words echo in his head. Naina touches Mama ji’s feet but Rakesh asks her why she is bending down. Mama ji tells Rakesh he is right. We haven’t done anything right to bless anyone. Sameer denies. Naina is pregnant so Papa ji told her not to bend down. Mama ji and Poonam congratulate Sameer and Naina. Sameer repeats how Mama ji had chosen a baby name (Ilaka) for his kid in the past. They all smile at the memory. Mama ji only had Rs. 103 in his pocket. He offers Rs. 11 to Naina as shagun. This is all that I can give right now. Rakesh says it isn’t needed. Where are all the valuables today? Naina tells him to stop. We don’t want anything. Rakesh says he used to carry everything with him in the past. How come he had only Rs. 101 in his pocket today? We must look after our special guests. Shall I bring Frootli?

Voiceover – Sameer:
Papa was super angry on Mama ji that day on the day. I couldn’t realise the reason behind his anger that day but later on I realised that parents can forgive that their insult but not of their kids.

Mama ji says we dint know it or we would have brought gifts for sure. Sameer dismisses the idea. Naina scolds Sameer for making everyone stand like that. The all sit down. Poonam is glad to see her scold Sameer again. It is good though. Everyone smiles.

Naina tells Mama ji she has made his favourite meal today. Mama ji is reminded of her Dal Bhati Choorma. She looks at his expressions. Don’t worry. I make good food now. You wont be hurt. She serves food to them. Rakesh brings silver glasses for Mama ji and Poonam. He taunts them again. It is due to Naina and Sameer’s hard work. They have toiled so hard that they can afford to eat in silverware. Naina tries to stop him but Rakesh says I was speaking casually. The house is smaller than Ahmedabad but this is how it is in Mumbai. You can think of it as your own. We have paid token money too. The house will be theirs in a few days. They have gained so much in 2 years in Mumbai. Mama ji says heart should be bigger. Nothing else matters. Rakesh asks him about his work but Sameer diverts the topic to Mami ji and Devang. Poonam shares that they are good. We ask everyone to watch their serial. Mama ji nods. It is a super hit serial back in Ahmedabad. Naina says I miss it so much. We want to go back but the work is too much to handle. We cannot go anywhere. Mama ji tries taking their leave but Naina and Sameer tell them to stay with them till the time they are in Mumbai. Sameer and Naina stay firm in their decision. Rakesh is the only one with a straight face.

Precap: Naina shouts that she is in pain. Seems like it is time for delivery. Sameer wakes up with a start. It is due in 2 weeks. She shouts at him. Do something. He nods.

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