Saraswatichandra Fan Page 3

Saraswatichandra Fan Page 3

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    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 22:47

      I’ll finish it off with a spanish song since they won today.

  1. Choti Kutienita
    June 20, 22:16 Reply

    Shall I get this to the next level or shall I go read a bit and then sleep?

  2. Choti Kutienita
    June 20, 22:03 Reply

    Hindi sad songs, literally get to me so bad. The lyrics are just so beautiful.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 21:56

      People are not appreciating the movie.

      I don’t think people understand that are grandparents are most likely closed minded because of the way and the time they were brought up in. They would obviously criticise the movie.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 22:00

      What I don’t understand is why this generation is criticising it instead of appreciating it? India and the bloody rest of the world need to start talking about taboo topics and in India, I believe Bollywood is a great way to raise awareness on these issues. Tbf, it’s got everyone talking hasn’t it? 😀 Good!

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 22:02

      Awareness of every single issue is key to learning.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 21:53

      The songs are already making me feel emotional.

  3. Ayrus
    June 17, 15:17 Reply

    Just 36more comments to go. 😊

  4. Ayrus
    June 17, 15:16 Reply

    Hiii. How are you Samudians? 😊
    Sorry for not being here much. 😑 Missing you all.

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 20, 21:30

      Hi Surya! 🙂 Nice to see you here again. 🙂 Missed you. 🙂
      It’s okay. I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  5. Choti Kutienita
    June 15, 18:06 Reply

    By the way, Surya, missing you too. I hope everything is going well on your side. 🙂 Take care man! I’ll see you soon! 🙂

  6. Choti Kutienita
    June 15, 18:02 Reply

    By the way, good news guys. 2 more exams to go. Both on Monday, can’t wait to be over with it. 😀

  7. Choti Kutienita
    June 15, 17:53 Reply

    She’s not been using WP since bloody forever. Or maybe, that’s because I’ve not messaged her? 😐

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 15, 18:01

      Little one, hit me up if you have some good finished books I can read because right now the app looks like a barren desert. I’ve not read for a couple of days now and it’s not been easy. :’D

  8. Choti Kutienita
    June 15, 17:52 Reply


    Lily Jaan? Lily? :’D Did I guess the right person?

    Even if I did, I miss her. :’D Omds, it was the previous world cup when I got to know her, 2014, 4 years since. Was it actually that long?

    • Choti Kutienita
      June 15, 18:05

      Lily man, where have you gone? I actually miss catching banter with her. One of the few who actually gets my humour. :’D And she decides to vanish, the sea levels aren’t even that threatening as yet. :’D :’D :’D :’D :’D :’D :’D

    • SaMudDiwaaniTezz💚
      June 14, 08:25

      Does she still on WP?🙄
      I lost my old ID😒
      Got a new one though😄

    • SaMudDiwaaniTezz💚
      June 14, 08:26

      Thinking to write a story on her name😂 And ours to😂😂😂 Give her hints so we can find her😂😂😂

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