Begusarai 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Begusarai 31st July 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Begusarai 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rekha comes in her room and says this room is great, am i seeing some dream? she pinch herself and says first time my son good work, she lies on bed and says its so soft, Bhushan ask her to give thinking break and start showing interest in puja, prayers, Rekha says will i get more than this? he says think about something else then getting worldly things only, Rekha says we have come here with respect and i have 2 daughter in laws and many servants here to work for me, what i ask will come to me, Bhushan ask anymore wish? Rekha says yes, i saw on tv, a lady was coming out from big car, i dream of roaming in that car, i should talk to Badi Amma, she will put her hand in cartons and our work will be done, Bhushan folds hands infront of her.
Poonam is unpacking stuff, she finds Lakhan’s bag on bed, she opens it and takes out his kurta to put in cupboard, Lakhan comes in and dont you dare, she drops kurta in fear, he says how dare you touch my clothes? she looks at him, and says i was just putting it in cupboard, Lakhan comes to her, stares her, takes out lighter, she is stunned seeing it.
Maya is working in kitchen, Rekha comes and says i was searching you, i will eat anything in breakfast, but make enriched pulse and brinjal dish, maya agrees, she ask whats in sweet dish? maya says halwa, Rekha ask her to put almonds and kaju, maya says we put it daily, she ask maya what are you taking? she says ubtan for soni as she gets tan playing under sun, Rekha says she is good like you, she doesnt need it, i will use it, she takes it from her and leaves.

Scene 2
lakhan takes kurta from her, lits lighter and recalls how Poonam confessed that she loved Priyom, lakhan says i have listened that every sin is removed when burned in fire, its right, he set his kurta on fire, Poonam is tensed.
Rekha is putting ubtan on her face and smell some fire, she goes to check Lakhan’s room.
Poonam ask Lakhan to leave kurta, your hand will get burnt, leave it, i will listen to everything you say but throw it away, Lakhan holds her hand and says dont show fake concern, if you cared for me then this situation would have not come, Poonam ask what have i done? Lakhan says you forgot? you have put my share of love in someone else fate, Poonam says that is my past but today you are my husband and i.. he stops her and says see this burnt cloth, this was shirt in past but now its ash, make shirt again from this ash, will you be able to do it? you have burnt my love, how will you return it? Poonam ask him to leave it, he throws it on door, Rekha comes there and is shocked, she says Poonam will you burn down haveli? burn everything, Lakhan says i have lit this fire, Rekha ask why? Lakhan says tell Poonam that if she tries to touch anything of mine then same will happen with it, Rekha says what are you saying? if she message my feet then you will burn my feet too? Lakhan stares, she says bad joke, she ask Poonam to not touch her, Poonam says why not? i am his wife, i have this right, she ask Lakhan why are you doing this? why are you punishing me, Lakhan says you know why, he says to Rekha that you will do all my work from now on, if my food, clothes or anything is touched by Poonam then.. you will do my work, Rekha says why me? Poonam says why her? i am here, i will do it, Rekha says she is right, she should do it, Lakhan intensely stares her and leaves, Poonam goes behind him, Rekha says i thought i will rule over DIL and see he made me servant in a minute, i will do all work now, what kind of son i gave birth to?

Scene 3
Dolt is sitting on bike, one man comes and says wow new bike, Drugha and Sipahi comes there, Dolt shows it off to them and says Lakhan has gifted me it, he promotes car, Sipahi says its great bike, i will ask Priyom to gift it to me too, they leave.
Priyom says to guddi that Lakhan will live here with family, guddi says when Phulan called him, he said no and now he came here, dont know what they want, Priyom says what about Poonam, Guddi ask him to stop thinking about her, i hate seeing her face, from the time she has cheated you, i hate her, Priyom looks at Poonam’s picture sadly, Guddi sees this and thinks why Poonam has comeback? to give more pain to my brother.
Lakhan comes in balcony and punches his hand, Poonam comes behind him and says why are you doing all this? you have come here with some reason, give me any punishment, you promised me that you will not hurt anyone here, Lakhan looks at her angrily, comes to her, touches her face, blows air on her forehead, holds her hand and lovingly looks at her, he pulls and hugs her, she closes her eyes and thinks that maybe Lakhan wants to start a new life too, Lakhan moves to see Priyom standing in his balcony and looking at them, he smirks at him, Priyom is sad, Poonam breaks hug and looks at Lakhan, she then finds Priyom standing in balcony too, Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand tightly and pulls her closer, Poonam says its hurting me, Priyom gets angry.

PRECAP- Guddi says to Poonam that my family gave you love, respect, honor and you went to sit with Lakhan in mandap, Poonam cries.

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