Chandragupta Maurya 29th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 29th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 29th August 2019 Written Episode

Dhananand tells Mahamartya that already 8 months 3 days and 16 hours have passed when tilchatta/Chandragupta kicked him out of his own palace, he is burning in fire of revenge. Amartya says let us take revenge then. Dhananand asks what is his plan. Amartya says there is no plan at all, Chandragupta will die with his own feast. Maids serve food in Chandragupta’s room. Chandragupta says he had to have food with orphan children as per Chanakya’s order. Durdhara asks maids to take food away. Chandragupta reaches Chanakya who says he has cancelled today’s plan. Chandragupta tastes food and says it has poison. Chanakya says Dhananand planned to give him poison, but nobody knows that with my given regular poison doses, Chandragupta has gained resistance that no poison in the

world can kill him. Chandragupta reminisces Durdhara having food and rushes towards her room. Durdhara consumes food asking maid she feels taste is different and maid telling its because of her hormonal changes due to pregnancy. She falls down writhing in pain. Chandragupta with Chanakya rushes in and sees poison affecting Durdhara’s body. Chanakya sends him to call vaidya soon. Once he leaves, Durdhara tells Chanakya that she knows she cannot be saved, so he sent Chandragupta away; she says her brother wants end Maurya clan’s future heir, but she wants to fail his plan and wants him to save her baby. Chanakya says for that he has to cut her stomach open and take out baby. Durdhara agrees. Chanakya does same and takes out baby. Chandragupta enters and Durdhara says she asked acharya to deliver baby and asks acharya to name her baby. Chanakya says poison just affected as a drop on baby’s forehead, so he will name him as Bindusar. Durdhara pampers her baby and passes away telling Chandragupta that she wants to be his life partner in every life.
Dhananand hearing about Durdhara’s death mourns and angrily shouts that his only ray of love, his sister, also died because of tilchatta Chandragupta; he had already lost Tarini because of tilchatta now Durdhara, he wants to take revenge soon and kill him. Amartya says they need Selecus’ army support and should find out Selecus’ weakness to get it first. Dhananand reminisces Seleucus getting angry once when he talked about marrying Seleucus’ daughter Helena; says they can force Seleucus by kidnapping Helena. He walks to Seleucus. Selecus angrily asks what is he doing here. Dhananand Amartya is already present where Helena is going and she may consume poisoned food by Amartya. Seleucus angrily shouts. Dhananand says he will come tomorrow again and Selecus should be ready to support him with his army to defeat Chandragupta.

Chanakaya Niti: Neem leaves are very beneficial for health, even with their benefits they are bitter and we hesitate to consume them, but if we dip them in honey and consume them, we can benefits from their medicinal effects; similarly a person should not be bitter, but be sweet and kind, only then people will respect them.

Precap: Chanakya announces that he completed his promise taken years ago and ties back his tail.

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