Choti Sarrdaarni 12th September 2019 Written Update

Choti Sarrdaarni 12th September 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Choti Sarrdaarni 12th September 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sarab calls his friend. He says no doctor is listening. Meher picks the medicine. Sara says stop meher. He says who is Meher? He says no one. Doctor says she is giving the right medicine. Meher says I know this, we should have given this before. Sarab says I can take care of my son. I don’t need you. Meher sees a car please don’t leave me Meher papa. I would be stupid again. I love you. Meher cries. Sarab reads the card. Meher says I wont’ do this anymore. Sarab says I care about my son. Meher says I don’t want to do this. Sarab says I know what to do with my son. Meher says I can’t be this selfish. He says we are beach and waves. We are not meant to stay together.
Param says Meher mummy I am sorry. Please don’t leave me alone. Please don’t

fight with me ever.
Kulwant calls Meher. Dolly comes there. Dolly says nice room a little desi but so are you. You look worried. Kulwant says what happened? Dolly says guilty conscience? Kulwant says Meher made a mistake. Dolly says why did you kill? Kulwant says I didn’t. Harleen says what are you doing. Dolly says let me give you the proof. She gives the phone to Kulwant. Kulwant sees the phone is shocking.

Doctor says Sarab keep checking his temperature. Who is Meher? He says my wife. He says you got married and didn’t tell me? Congratulations. I am so happy for you.
Kulwant laughs. She says wonderful. Someone shoved me. I didn’t shove you; Dolly says I got a fracture because of you. Harleen says it must be a mistake. Rana says we got scared you got to know that thing. Dolly says what thing? There is something they’re hiding.

The doctor says to Meher you are genius. I am glad he has a wife like you. Is it love marriage? sarab says Param is not well. Bhabhi why are you silent? If he fights with you let me know. We are best friends. I know you will handle both Param and Sarab. Meher says let me see Pram.
Meher says it is 102 now. Sara says what.. He says what should I do? He says do cold strips. Meher bring the bowl. Sarab takes it but it falls. Param says mama never leave me. Meher says I would never leave you. Meher says why are you taking so long. She takes the ice from Saraba. Meher does his straps. She says I would never leave you. Sarab says thank God he is sleeping or he would trust your word.

Meher says what are these red spots. This is chicken pox. Sarab says you don’t know everything. He calls his friend. He says meher is right.

Precap-doctor says if there’s a pregnant lady she should stay away from param. This can be dangerous for the baby.

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