Doli Armaanon Ki 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 31st August 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Doli Armaanon Ki 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini is shocked and outraged at urmi’s announcement, as she confronts damini defiantly. Urmi comes to diya and tells her that she shall become her daughter in law. Shaurya is upset. urmi says that not out of disgust, but with happiness, with dignity and full self esteem and respect, she shall marry diya with shaurya. the ladies are embarassed but dont say anything. All are out of theirt wits at this sudden announcement. Diya says that she spoke highly a little too soon, and she respects it, but she doesnt believe that a marriage shall bring up her self respect, and she doesnt need a character certificate in the form of marriage, and there are lots of girls, who are single mothers and successful, and that marriage isnt the deciding factor for her, and she doesnt need to marry just to prove a point to the society. urmi asks her not to take it wrong, but what she said today was out of her heartfelt emotions. Diya says that she understands, but shaurya stops her, saying that urmi knows it most of all, that for marriage, love is needed. Shaurya tells urmi that they both dont love each other, then how can she even think of marrying them both to each other. urmi doesnt know what to tell shaurya. Damini is amused as she eyes them evilly, having a tiff. Sandhya and anirudh are tensed. diya is apalled. the ladies comment that she got rejected yet again. Shaurya says that its their internal matter, and he doesnt need to marry to prove them wrong. He says that diya is an independant woman, and can do far better than settling for marriage. The ladies say that its just a disguised way of rejection. urmi asks her not to deliberately twist his words, as they dotn have to prove her or damini anything. all stand tensed.

In her room, diya is apalled thinking what happened. sandhya comes in with dessert for her, and cheers her up, but finds that she is upset. She tries to give diya a taste of the dessert that svhe made for her and in celebration of her victory. She asks what happened. diya says that she remembers her mother, as she used to share her happiness and sorrows with mother, but cant today. Sandhya asks her to call her up, diya says that she tried but noone received. sandhya asks her to try once more, as mothers cant be angry for too long. she makes diya dial once again. She complies, knowing that she wont pick up. But this time around, diya’s mother does, and is unperturbed that its diya.Diya happily says that she won the case, and they wont be embarassed due to her anymore, as the criminals got punished. Her mother says that she doesnt know hwr. diya asks her if she is still angry with her. She says that she isnt their daughter and discnnects. diya is apalled and breaks bitterly into tears. sandhya consoles her saying that she is her mother and wont be angry for long, and tells her that she isnt alone, as they are all here for her.

Shaurya in his room, tells urmi that he doesnt want to marry. He asks her why is she forcing this. Urmi comes to him and asks for how long, he shall continue running from his past and asks him to move on, as the past is gone and asks him to forget. He says that he didnt forget anything, even if he wants to. she says that she knows, as a mother, but asks him to let bygones be so, and asks him to focus on his future, as diya is a nice girl. He says that she is, but not his love. she asks him who is the love of his life, and what kind of girl would he like. she insists, and he starts explaining exactly diya, but oblivious about it, as he draws a literal character sketch of diya, and ends that she shopuld have all the qualities that urmi herself has. urmi is set to thinking, and then says that the girl that he just described matches their diya perfectly. shaurya is shocked. She leaves asking him to think about it, while he is boggled. he remembers what he said, and how everey character trait matches diya’s personality perfectly.

The next morning, diya comes down on being summoned by damini, as she talks to a real estate agent, as he draws up housing options for damini. She introduces diya tauntingly to the person. The person says that everyone knows her, as she is in the news. Anirudh asks her who is this, and damini says that she is finding hosue options for diya. the person says that such a famous girl wont be put on rent so easily. damini taunts and says that the girl might be anything, but they need a place for her. he says that it shall cost more. she complies. Diya tries to talk, but she is shut. Damini tells diya that she doesnt have the right to ask questions here. she asks diya to go and pack her bags without questions, as she should have come herself, saying thanks for their help, and now she is leaving. but since she didnt, hence she herself is doing it now, and hasa also arranged for a wonderful house for her. She then gives money to the person, while anirudh intervens. Anirudh shouts at her, asking whats going on, and then sends the person away. damini asks whats he doing, while he says that diya is home and shall not go anywhere. Shaurya comes asking whats happening. Damini says that she too wants to know exactly the same. Anirudh says that diya is at home, and she shall not go. damini says that had it been someone else, she would have thrown her out, but due to diya, she is giving respect, but asks them not to try her patience. He asks what happiness she gets out of insulting diya, as yesterday with her friends wasnt enough, today she is doing it with a stranger. She says that she has some respect in the society and diya has tarnished it completely. he asks if she even knows what respect is, as it isnt materialistic, which is got only by giving it to others. he asks if she doesnt feel ashamed. She points that diya should be ashamed, and then asks what rigth is she staying here still, as she is noone to anyone in the house. shaurya tries to speak, but damini shuts her asking who is he to the house, as he too is a stranger, and how can he vouch for another stranger in front of her. Anirudh asks her to shut up, while shaurya is distraught. urmi asks whats her problem. damini says that she has a problem, but she wont answer to urmi, as she doesnt consider her too that relevant to her life. Urmi asks why is she making an issue. damini says that her whole family is an issue, and that she doesnt have a right to say anythingm as this is her house, and she is just an unwelcome guest. She asks urmi to get lost, and take the girl also with her, if she has that much of a problem. Damini shoves diya and urmi catches her, asking has she gone mad, and damini says that indeed she has. Anirudh says that she wont send diya anywhere else to live, at a stranger’s place, as noone would let her live, and that diya shall stay here. damini taunts him for being so noble, and that he doesnt care for what happens in the society. He says that he cares for diya more. She asks about ishaani. He asks her not to change the topic. diya asks them both to stop fighting for her, as damini is right, addressing her as badi Maa, saying that she should go. damini turns around and screams at her, asking her not to draw any relation to herself, as she isnt her mother. damini says that her own boyfriend left, and now she is trapping men of her family. she tells that diya has some magioc spell, that has caught two men in her trap, one’s shaurya and now even her husband, anirudh is talking for her. he asks her to shut up, for the lord’s sake. Damini comments that if diya is so interested in males, then she should go and sit and start to present herself in a brothel, as that shall fulfill the hobby too and shall earn good money too. He gets furious and slaps her tight across the face, shocking them all, while damini is utterly humiliated. the screen freezes on damini’s face.

Precap: A person called Sumit Prajapati come swith his family, while all are tensed as they dont know him. He introduces himself, while anirudh says that he didnt recognise them. he says that he has come here to accept diya’s hand in marriage. they are all shocked, while diya is boggled herself.

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    What am.. Who is the writer of this confusing show why didn’t you make shuarya fall in love with diya fall in love omg where do you people brain go think man make the show interesting

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