Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Chamchi that he will not win from her. Chamchi says nobody wins infront of her. Hritik comes and asks her to play with him. He twists her hand. Happu comes there and asks what are you playing? Hritik says kabaddi. Happu says I don’t like this boy. Hritik asks why did you ask. Happu sits to play ludo with his kids. He gets upset with Hritik and says you people don’t respect your father. He goes to beni. Beni asks why he is looking tired on the first day of off. Happu says he was playing with kids and trying to spend time with them. They told that their game is different. Beni asks shall I give you an idea and asks him to tell jokes and stories to kids. Happu says they will become my fan. Ranbir, Happu and Chamchi are playing. Amma is trying to read

Atbeer’s message. Malaika comes and asks what happened, where is mummy? Amma says Rajjo came and went, talked a lot and ate my brain. Malaika says everyone is ahead in this. Amma asks did you see me talking much. Malaika says no and says papa talks much. Amma says didn’t you see your Nani Avdesh and is after my son Happu. Rajjo comes and asks what is she talking, gives her sugar medicine. Happu calls kids and asks them to sit together and talk something knowledgeable. Malaika says nobody does this.
Happu calls kids to tell story. Hritik asks him to tell butcher’s story. Happu scolds him and starts telling them story of a king, but nobody is interested to listen to him. Happu asks Ranbir to listen. He says King thought whom to give his throne among his three kids. He says he gave them money and asks them to buy something valuable from the money. Everyone turn their faces. Happu says I will not tell the story now. Amma says I am listening. Happu goes. Later Rajjo comes to room. Happu is waiting for her and holds her. Rajjo gets angry and asks if he has gone mad to think her as monkey and catching her everywhere for romance. Happu says I am in mood, let me do. Rajjo asks him to move and says if Amma sees us. Happu says what shall I do, you are so beautiful. Rajjo says you are very romantic. Happu says you worry for Amma and kids. He gets romantic with her. Dada ji hears them, says Happu lost duty and went behind beauty, thinks he will bring 10th child.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. He says I know your Papa is keeping his eyes, but I am a good lover. Happu hugs Rajjo and says I am going, but will come again. Kamlesh takes stairs and is climbing up. Happu comes there and asks him to stop. Malaika is watching from the window. Happu breaks a part of the stairs and asks Kamlesh to jump down. Malaika feels proud of Happu. Happu asks why did you come here? Kamlesh says I came for meeting. Happu says will you make my daughter fail in exam. He slaps him and asks him to go. Malaika says bapu came to know about him. Happu looks at the broken step of the stairs and says now he can’t climb himself.

Next morning, Amma comes to have breakfast and asks why nobody called me. Rajjo says they called her. Amma says she was in the lawn. She asks about Happu? Rajjo says he is in the bathroom. Hritik and Chamchi tell that he don’t know how to play, but asks them to play. Amma says he is troubling us a lot. She says we did a mistake by getting leave for him. Rajjo says he is really troubling a lot. Happu calls Rajjo and asks her to give towel. Rajjo asks Hritik to give towel to him. Hritik says I will not give. Rajjo goes to give towel to Happu, Happu pulls her in the bathroom and tries to romance with her. Rajjo asks him to leave her. Amma hears them.

Precap: Amma asks Rajjo why they are romancing so much. Rajjo says Happu kept her busy with romance and she is feeling troubled. Amma says we did a mistake by getting him suspended.

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