Imlie 30th April 2021 Written Update

Imlie 30th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Imlie 30th April 2021 Written Episode

Imlie returns to Pagdandiya and informs Mithi that Adi’s family kicked her out of house, so she came here. Dulari yells that she knows this would happen and yells at them that she tolerated Mithi but will not tolerate Imlie and raises sickle to kill Imlie. Mithi wakes up from sleep shouting amma. Dulari yells at her. Mithi says her doll/daughter. Dulari asks if she saw a bad dream that she is panicking, says early morning dream always comes true. Mithi gets more concerned.

Dev informs Tripathi family that doctor informed that Malini is recovering well and will be discharged maybe tomorrow itself. Aparna says Malini is also her daughter and requests to send her home with them, she will take good care of Malini. Pankaj backs her. Dev says Malini couldn’t get better in-laws/sasural than them. Daadi says sasural is because of husband and when Adi is not behaving well with Malini, they need to take extra care. Aparna says now Adi is talking to Malini after realizing his mistake, so neither them nor Adi will give them chance to complain. Anu enters saying there is no chance at all and warns Aparna that her daughter will never step into their house. Aparna says that house is also Malini’s. Anu says that is why Malini return to her house, she already warned that Adi is not a right man for her daughter and will ruin her life, but he destroyed her life; she never thought that her daughter would take such an extreme step; now she will destroy Adi’s career and will file abetment case on him. Dev asks her to calm down as this is not the right time. She says she repeatedly told him that Adi is unfit of their daughter, their daughter returned home twice, even then she didn’t react, she doesn’t know what will happen to her daughter. Daadi consoles her and says their daughter will be fine. Anu says she knows as she has returned for her daughter and warns Tripathis to stay away from her daughter. Tripathis say they have to handle this tough siutation carefully and should seek Malini’s decision first. Anu says Malini’s decision will not be heard now as she ruined her life with her wrong decision. Aparna apologizes on Adi’s behalf and requests to give Adi a chance to correct his mistake. Anu warns that Adi will dare not come near Malini or else she will not spare him. Dev asks her to go and meet Malini. She leaves with Daadi crying. Dev then apologizes Tripathi’s on Anu’s behalf and walks away saying everything will be alright over time.

Malini speaks to her colleague over phone and says he got stumbled due to low BP and is fine now. Anu walks in and shouts how dare she is to take such an extreme step and cries asking if she thought what would happen to her mother, father, and daadi without her. Malini extends her hands and calls her. Anu cries more loudly hugging her. Malini apologizes her. Anu says she knew her daughter is not fine and shouldn’t have gone out. Dev walks in. Anu says they will start a new life and will go on a long vacation. Dev asks her to let Malini rest. Anu asks him to give Malini’s medical regime, she will personally take care of her daughter, they should leave Delhi for sometime, etc. Imlie walks in with juice for Malini. Anu angrily asks why did she come here. Imlie says Taiji sent juice for Malini didi. Anu says shouts she doesn’t need her fake concern and orders to get out. Doctor asks why is she misbehaving with this girl. Anu says she doesn’t know that her daughter’s condition is because of this girl. Doctor says this girl saved her daughter’s life. Anu says she didn’t do any favor as her daughter donated blood to this girl and this girl paid back, now she should stay away from her daughter. Dev asks her to calm down. Doctro says they should go from here if they need to behave like this as patient’s condition is very bad. Anu throws juice on Imlie’s face. Dev shouts Anu. Anu shouts back to shut up. Doctor asks Dev to handle madam. Anu pushes Imlie out warning to never return to her daughter. Adi (waiting for his chance) lifts Imlie and asks if Mrs. Chaturvedi came and walks towards Malini’s room. Imlie stops him. He says she knows how Mrs. Chaturvedi is, then why she goes in front of her often. Imlie says all mothers are worried for children and if her amma was in Anu’s place, she would have died alive.

Mithi burns rotis engrasped in Imlie’s thought. Bindiya rushes in and pours water on fire and alerts her. Dulari yells at Mithi and takes rotis away. Bindiya asks what is she thinking. Mithi says she is thinking same since 19 years, her daughter is alone in the city, she asked Prakash to take her there and he didn’t, even Satyakam is not talking to her, what shall she do.

Adi walks to Malini’s room with flower bouquet and food and asks how is she. Malini says she is fine and murmurs that blood has stopped, but tears are still ready to flow out. He asks if she said something. She says he is hesitant to tell truth and is silent, so she needs to do something; says she needs to talk. He says they will once she gets well completely and returns home. She says she doesn’t know which house she will go in and wants to talk before that. He thinks if she also wants to talk about same and asks to speak. She calls him near her and says she is feeling guilty for whatever she did and is unable to face herself. He says its okay. She says its not okay and knowing the reason, even he may.. She asks what reason. She says there was someone else in her life before him, they used to study in college together and she thought it was her infatuation, so she dropped that thought form her mind. He asks she took extreme step because of that, what difference does it make now as it was her past. She says even she thought it was her past, but he returned to her life and she realized it was more than her infatuation. She watches his reaction.

Precap: Adi tells Imlie that she saw the consequence of being silent and should inform truth to Malini. Imlie says no woman can see her husband with anyone else. He asks how did she see then.

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