Ishqbaaz 31st January 2018 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2018 Written Update by Amwna

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Shivaye gets a call. He gets shocked and says what….. okay…. Anika asks what happened. He says it was a call from construction site, I will just come. Rudra asks is it imp than my marriage, go later. Shivaye says its urgent, I will just come. He reaches the construction sites and sees the ShivOmRu name board burning and falling. He gets shocked seeing the fire breaking out at the site. Anika calls him and asks is everything fine. He says yes, why, there are network issues, do you have any work. She says there is much work, we are confused about the theme, give us idea, everyone is confused, everyone should know Shivaye is doing Rudra’s marriage so well. Rudra says we will make my friends stay in seven star hotel. Shivaye says it will be done. He ends call and cries.

He says I feel

like everything is slipping off my hands, I had to leave home and stay away from family, I thought to start new family in Goa, but it…. He calls Shakti and says its me Shivaye, how are you. Shakti says how can I be being away from you, you will make everything fine, I know, but why are you worried. Shivaye says I m not worried. Shakti says everything will get fine. Shivaye says the harder I try to solve things, its getting more complicated, am I doing wrong. Shakti says my Shivaye can never be wrong, you are my pride, a good son, good brother and good husband, Shri Ram also went to vanvaas, don’t know what problems he faced, when he came back to Ayodhya, we celebrate Diwali on his return even today, when you come back home, that day won’t be less than Diwali, promise me, you won’t stop trying. Shivaye promises and says I will keep trying. They cry.

Veer and Tej see Shivaye. Veer says he is devastated by first strike. Tej says he is from Oberoi family, he won’t lose so soon. Veer says even Lord doesn’t support my enemy. Shivaye comes home. He calls someone and scolds the person. He says if a fire breaks out by short circuit, how much time does it take to settle its insurance claim, don’t you know your policy, I need its info, call me back. Tej sees him. He laughs and says I m getting solace seeing Shivaye like this, businessman of the year is on road today. Shivaye asks what nonsense, will I lit the fire myself, you are making excuses, if I don’t get my insurance money, I will sue you. He turns and sees Anika.

Veer says we need to empty Shivaye’s bank account. Tej says it will be done. Veer says we need his bank account details. Tej says we will get it easily. Veer asks how. Tej says Shivaye writes his bank account details in his diary, its in his safe. Anika asks what happened. He says business related talk. She asks is there any problem. He says no, everything is okay. She says jeweller is here, we have to final the jewelry, Dadi is calling you, you are Rudra’s elder brother, Bhavya’s wedding dress and jewelry should be from our side. He says yes, you are right. She says come, we have to final everything. Lily says cracking the safe’s password is easy for me. Veer says you talk big things, you know forgiving is not my style. Tej says we will be connected on phone. He gives her bluetooth. She goes. Tej says Shivaye will think to spend crores on marriage, he won’t even have a penny, it will be great fun, then my foolish sons will understand the power of money.

Anika asks Bhavya to try the earrings. Gauri says its matching with mehendi dress, keep it. Rudra says Bhavya isn’t getting married alone, ask me too. Shivaye says I think Soumya deserves the first nek, she convinced Bhavya. Om says else Rudra would have become Devdas. Soumya says no, I did this for my friend. Dadi says I was worried for Rudra, will he be after girls or fall in love. Tej says entire family is in hall, come inside the house by the back window. Lily enters. Dadi says Bhavya has sentenced him life sentence, you need to stay with one girl all your life. Om asks isn’t he allowed to look at any girl. Dadi says no. Shivaye says not even friendship. Dadi says not even hi and hello. They smile.

Lily says I m going to Shivaye’s room. Gauri goes to get water. Lily hides. Gauri asks who is there. Khanna comes and says Dadi is calling you. Gauri goes. Om asks Rudra what’s wrong. Rudra says weather is unpredictable here, switch on the fan, its hot here. Om says AC is on, of course I will switch on the fan. Rudra drinks much water. He thanks Gauri and says get more please. Anika says Rudra is so excited to spend entire life with Bhavya. Om jokes. Anika says just show durable jewelry, its for entire life. Gauri says yes, like marriage. Lily says I m in Shivaye’s room. Tej says okay. Anika makes Rudra sit with Bhavya. Om says you have be sit together and be together all life. They all say he has to be with Bhavya all life. Rudra says fine, I m feeling suffocated here, I will go out. They laugh.

Lily opens the safe. Rudra comes there. Lily says I think someone is coming. Shivaye stops Rudra and asks what happened. Lily says Shivaye is outside the room. Tej says get me the damn diary. Shivaye asks why are you nervous. Rudra says no. Shivaye says you know you can’t hide anything from me, you can confide anything. Lily says lock opened, I can see many things. Tej says find the diary. She says there is no diary. He says there will be a red box, with Om written on it, the info we need is inside it, get that box. She gets the box and takes the paper.

Shivaye says its time for us to talk, elder brother will give some gyaan to younger brother. Rudra asks why are you giving this talk to me, if you didn’t give this to Om. Shivaye says because you need it. Tej asks Lily to hurry up. Shivaye says okay then let me enlighten you. Rudra says there is already sufficient light here. Shivaye asks him to come. Lily shuts the cupboard. A box falls over her head. She falls. Tej worries. Shivaye sees the box fallen and picks it. He says where did it come from, sit, I will keep this. He doesn’t see Lily fallen aside the bed. He says I can understand your state of mind, you don’t need to worry. Rudra says I mean, to spend life with a single person is a scary thought. Shivaye says its a beautiful thought, you can have an affair with many, but you can fall in love only with one person.

Veer says if Lily gets caught, it will be your loss, her last received call was from your phone, Shivaye will find out you are involved behind this. Shivaye says close your eyes. Rudra asks are you going to slap me. Shivaye says close your eyes, think of that person who gives you the most happiness, whom did you see. Rudra says you, who else… Shivaye says not me, think of the girl with whom you can see your future. Rudra closes eyes and sees Bhavya. He smiles. Shivaye says its enough. Rudra says I saw Bhavya. Shivaye says you got your answer. Tej says there is no option, I have to go in from here.

Tej hides Lily. Om asks who is there…. and walks towards him.

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