Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi’s assistant telling her about today’s planner and tells that all her appointments are in it. Peon brings coffee. Prachi looks outside and sees a big box on top of the books shelf. She sees the employee standing there and talking. She runs to save the employee and pushes her at the right time. She then makes her sit on the chair and then sprays on the employee’s foot. She asks her to take the pain killer and asks Kailash to check the CCTV footage, who has kept the box on the shelf. Someone tells that Chairman is waiting for you. The lady employees talk about Prachi who is strict and soft hearted too, who goes against office rules and gives loan. Prachi comes to the conference hall. Chairman introduces her as the very bright senior manager to the business partner sitting there. Prachi greets the clients/business partners. She tells Chairman that she had kanjak puja today, but she came well prepared. Chairman asks them if the work started. The business partner tells that you couldn’t make the old lady vacate that person, till then your 80 crores loan are giving me heavy losses of lakhs. Chairman says today Prachi has meeting with her. The business partner challenge him saying if Prachi could throw that old lady out, then I will make her as my company chairperson. The chairman gets angry. Prachi keeps hand on his hand and tells the business partner that she will not become his company chairman, but if he convinces the old lady then he shall learn manners to talk to the ladies. She says your mother, wife and sisters are all women, so mind your language. The business partners get angry. Chairman reminds him that he is indebted of 80 crores.

Khushi’s Maayi brings her to a house, with the greed that they will give gold coins to the girls for Kanjak puja. The lady asks her daughter to sit for the puja. Maayi asks Khushi to sit for kanjak puja. The lady makes Khushi get up and says your father is not known. She says don’t know whose blood is this? Khushi says her blood is red and her Maayi’s blood is also red. Servant throws them out. The diya falls down and the fire is lighted and caught everywhere. The lady asks where is my daughter Misha. The girl is behind the table which has caught fire. Khushi hears the help voice and tells her Maayi that they shall go inside. She runs inside. Maayi thinks if anything happens to Khushi then who will sell my flowers. Khushi comes inside and covers herself with the white wet cloth and walks inside and saves Misha. Maayi asks Khushi to come with her.

The lady stops them and asks Servant to bring the gold coins plate. She gives one gold coin to Khushi and asks her to sit so that she will apply ointment to her burnt feet. Khushi says its ok, I will apply it. The lady insists. Khushi sits. The lady sees birth mark on her foot and gets surprised. Khushi says it is my birth mark. Prachi is looking at moon and star pendants in the chain and says she got it made from the same shop as Ranbir. She says I miss you my daughter, my Panchi. She cries and wipes her tears. She goes to meet the old lady.

Maayi asks Khushi to give her gold coin. Khushi gives her gold coin. Maayi asks her to go and handle the shop. Ranbir and Aryan are at the conference hall of some office. Ranbir loses the bid and says how can this Sandeep win always. He says there is something wrong and he is taking out enmity from me personally. They go inside. Ranbir hears Sandeep talking to Aaliya and says he never disappointed her and knows how to do business. Ranbir takes the call and says Aaliya Buji. Aaliya ends the call. Sandeep asks him to return his phone. He tells Ranbir that Aaliya Khanna’s thinking starts where your ends, and says she has come in this field to ruin you. She says you haven’t won any project since 3 years. Ranbir says first asks her to come to India. Sandeep says you can’t get her. He says she will make you lose your job, and says you have just your house now. Ranbir says I will not leave her. Aryan asks Ranbir to come from there.

The lady tells Prachi and others that she will not sell the house. She says let me stay with my husband’s memories. The employees offer double money for the house. Prachi says I am not asking you to leave from here. The employee says this house needs to be demolished. Prachi says it is a home and gives description of her house.

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