Luv Kush 10th December 2019 Written Update

Luv Kush 10th December 2019 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 10th December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the people praising Ram. They ask Lav and Kush to sing the story again. Kush says we can tell you. Lav eats the food. He gets dizzy and coughs. Dhobi is with the guard. He says now that kids will eat poisonous good and die, my wife will get trapped, I will get rid of them. He drinks and laughs. Kush asks what happened to you. Lav falls down. Kush says say something. He shouts and asks him not to worry. The people look on. Kush runs to take help. The guard says we will get Raj vaid. Lav asks Kush to keep patience. Kush says nothing will happen to you. Vaid says it means its poison, how old are they. Sahukar says they are 13-14 year old. Vaid says I can save them. Sahukar asks him to come fast. He takes the Vaid.

He sees guard coming to call Vaid. Guard asks for Vaid. The lady says he went out, I will tell him when he comes. Guard says it won’t be needed later. Sahukar thinks they both will die till Vaid reaches. Kush argues with the guard. The man says you can call the other Vaid. Guard says it will be foolish to go so far. Kush says I will take my brother there, get away. The guard says you will get punished for this. Kush says I just worry for my brother’s life. Guard pushes her. Lav says no….

Kush beats the guard. Guard says I was trying to help you, but you showed you don’t deserve humanity, you are a prisoner, its Bharat’s command, you will stay here. Kush sees Lav. He says forgive me, I did this to protect my brother, Lav doesn’t have much time, help me. Guard says fine, but I have to get Bharat’s permission, I have to follow rules. Kush says Ayodhya’s palace is far from here, it will take much time, help me, I promise to get Lav back after his treatment. Guard says rules can’t be broken.

Kush gets angry. He says rules are for life, life isn’t for rules, its my duty to protect my brother’s life, I won’t request you, I will go out, I will do anything to protect him, you stop me if you have strength. He gets back and prays. Wind blows. Guard and everyone look on. Kush gets his powers. He gets a sword and says if you get away, sword won’t be used, else sword won’t stop. He takes Lav with him. Everyone looks on. Kush asks them to get away. He takes Lav with him. He asks Lav not to worry and have patience. Guards surround him. Guard says you are surrounded from four sides, surrender. Kush says I won’t let my brother lose his life. He fights the guards. He ignites fire and says I don’t want to harm you, don’t follow me now, its my last warning. He takes Lav.

Lav says the way we broke the prison, none will believe us. Kush says they will believe if we are alive, we can fight only if we are alive. Lav says leave me here and go. Kush says no, Sita’s love doesn’t get divided for us, she used to say, an end is a beginning, you think I will come in your words. Lav says but my state…. Kush lifts him and takes him on the cart. Guards come and stop Kush by putting ropes in his neck. The Ashwamedha yagya horse runs to Kush. Kush looks on. Horse beats all the guards. Kush ties the cart to the horse. He takes Lav. Kush says we will reach there soon. Guards follow and shoot arrows at Kush. Kush gets his magical bow and shoots at them to stop. He sees the soldiers surrounding him again. The people see Lav and Kush.

Dhobi scolds his wife. Dhoban scolds him for poisoning the kids. Lav shouts Kush.

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