Maharana Pratap 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Maharana Pratap 30th September 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Maharana Pratap 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Pratap and Ajabde come out in the garden. The cough is becoming uncontrollable. Many white pigeons come to drink water in the pot kept outside. They look up and find many birds in the sky at night. Pratap and Ajabde watch it with surprise / suspicion. They both find it weird. Pratap feels something is going to go wrong. They both hear the horses neighing.

Meanwhile, all the soldiers guarding Mewar’s outskirts are killed by Akbar and Nasir. Akbar aims Mughal flag with the bow for the last guard to see. He notices the flag and is shocked. He gets hits by the arrow too but before dying, he cuts a little piece of it and puts it around the pigeon’s beak and releases it up in the air. Akbar walks inside with his troops.

Ajabde tries to calm Pratap. It might be a coincidence. He is wearing his armour when the pigeon comes there. Pratap notices the green flag around its beak. Upon checking closely, he realises that it is a part of Mughal flag. Ajabde too looks on in shock. He gets it that Mughals are heading in their direction to attack them. ajabde suggests him to inform everyone. We cannot waste time. He is going to his dad while he tells her to inform Rawat ji. Be careful, we don’t want to scare people unnecessarily. She nods and then leaves. Pratap too goes to see his dad.

Pratap tells soldiers to inform Rana ji that I want to meet him. he is surprised to know that US is not in his room. He has gone to Antarmahal for the night. He must be sleeping right now. Pratap knows that their army has been given rest / holiday. Please call them from our border. He gets to know that most of their army is in Bijolia. Pratap wonders why Bijolia needs them. Soldier informs him how dependent army is called in all quietly, without anyone knowing it. pratap tells him to inform as many soldiers as he can. Gather them and come to north gate of the palace. I and Rawat ji will meet you all there only. He meets Ajabde on his way. Rawat ji has gone to his native place. He cannot come here soon. pratap cannot wait anymore for anyone as it is already morning. She asks him about US. Pratap cannot disturb him as he is taking rest right now. It becomes my duty now to take care of our kingdom. She is worried about him. How will you do it alone? he holds her hand. The time has come for you to fulfil your vows. I have full faith in you, you will pass your first test successfully. She nods and holds his hand in a reassuring manner. I wont let you down. He smiles a little and then starts walking with her following him.

It’s morning. Akbar continues heading all the more deeper in Mewar with his troops.

Pratap wants Ajabde to inform JB who can in turn inform US about it. Tell them I am taking the guard soldiers of the palace so that he can call more people for security. She wants to do his aarti first. He had forgotten so apologizes. She does his aarti. He is about to mount the horse but stops. He walks back to her. did you forget anything? She nods and hugs him. All the daasi’s turn the other way round in reflex. They both tell each other to take care. He mounts his horse, dons his headgear and is a little emotional to leave her but finally goes all alone. She is about to go after him / call out for him when her ring comes off from her thumb. She gets worried for him as she picks it again.

JB wakes up with a start and looks at US sleeping peacefully besides her. she recalls everything that happened the previous night and feels guilty. She looks at the mirror and recalls how she had promised VB that she will get her wifely rights tonight. She wears her jewellery.

JB is all lost in her own words / promises to VB as she walks in trance in the corridor. She comes to VB’s room. DB comes to tell her that VB is not here. But your guilt and tears wont be able to calm VB. JB wants to meet VB right away but DB is also clueless. I just hope she doesn’t attempt to kill herself. I cannot be sure about where she might be at this moment. JB goes out hurriedly.

DB hears Ajabde calling out for JB. She herself goes to check what’s happening. She is shocked to know that Akbar has come here with his army while Pratap has gone to fight him all alone. It is a thing to worry. Ajabde has to inform Rani Ma so that she can tell Rana ji. He can then send army to help Pratap. DB is glad she got to know it first. I will tell them both. You can go to your room. I will handle it. ajabde obliges half heartedly. DB is not interested in it. Let Pratap fight his fight while his Rani Ma will battle with her things here.

VB cries as she thinks of JB and US’s intimacy. She throws away her jewellery angrily. JB comes there just then. VB thinks about DB’s words. JB wants to explain but VB tells her to stop. I thought you to be like my mom but you turned out to be a selfish sautan. You only got me feel all this and have destroyed them all yourself. Since when were you planning all this? You could have told me if you dint like it that Rana ji got married to me. you could have told me or ordered me to go away from here. I would have left simply. You dint do it so that you could insult me like this. JB tries to explain but VB does not give her a chance. You are wearing a mask of someone who loves people but I have seen your real, selfish face today. DB is right about you. You want everything all for yourself. Rana ji; Mewar’s people’s respect; love and you want your future protected too. You want the whole Mewar under you through Pratap. This is why you dint let me come close to Rana ji ever? You were scared that I might get pregnant if we come close and your plans will be affected that way. You not only snatched my trust from me but my happiness too. In a way, you have killed me. I will pray to God with a pure heart that just like you have snatched my happiness from me, even you wont get all that ever in life. JB is hurt and shocked by her words. DB has overheard everything from a hiding place.

Pratap tells his soldiers that they have to stop Akbar from reaching their security point near the palace. We don’t have to let them reach anywhere near it.

On the other hand, Akbar talks to his army about the golden chance that they have got today. we will be able to capture Mewar’s palace today. I will snatch your everything from you Pratap.

VB tells JB if she really wants Rana ji to come near her then she must have realised that it can only happen when she is not in this palace. JB leaves from there sadly. DB is glad that things have worked out in her favour.

Pratap shoots an arrow which lands near Akbar’s horse. Pratap and Akbar come face to face. Pratap smiles while Akbar is clearly not pleased to see him here. Pratap says you should have thought before stepping foot on Mewar. You should have thought that there is one soldier of Mewar who is always on alert to save his land from impostors – Rana Pratap Singh! Akbar smiles. I am really happy to see you here. It is no fun to ruin you without fighting with you. They both take out their swords and instruct their respective armies to attack.

Precap: JB thinks of VB’s words. She is wearing very normal clothes. She writes a letter to Ajabde. I am leaving this family, this state and this palace for forever. I have full faith that you will take care of them well. Akbar and Pratap continue with their fight. US gets angry at Ajabde. You have come here recently and you have upturned everything here. What do you think of yourself? Who gave you this right to send Pratap out of this palace? You have crossed your limits.

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