Meet 18th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th January 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode

Chandas husband hit for working for factory. Meet walks to her says why are you slapping her, atleast she will bring money for both of you. Man shouts at her and try to slap Meet. Manmeet hold her hand.

Jasodha’s daughter in law bring thali with dupatta. Jasodha says I’ll decorate this house like a wife. Mahandra walks to Jasodha says first you brought this girl for me and then now you want me to marry someone. Jasodha hold his mouth tightly.

Manmeet hold his hand and twist it, he says you hit your women with this hand now you won’t be able to, he run. Manmeet shouts take painkiller. He ask Meet why did you slap me.

Jasodha explain Mahandra that you don’t have a single child from this women and you have fallen for her in a way as uf she has given birth to 11 boys for you.

Manmeet says to Meet now you have apologised to me so let me tell you one thing I always pray to god that you make your factory successfully, he ask her to go to Kanhaji temple. Chanda says he is telling right go with her. Manmeet says I’ll wait for you. Chanda says to Meet I know what you you are facing, he just look like your husband but think he want your factory to be made.

Sarkar ask Jasodha what is going on. Jasodha tell your son is mad in love. Sarkar tell him a joke and walk away.

Chanda Meet and Manmeet walking towards temple. Sarkar stop his car infront of them. Manmeet go and greet him. An old man say you first denied for Sarkar’s work and bow standing with his enemy, you won’t be save from Sarkar’s anger. Manmeet looks at Sarkar says I do what I love and this girl is not doing anything bad, she is doing for welfare of society and I’m standing with her do whatever you want but remember one thing this matter can turn around too. Mahandra ask driver to drive away.
Manmeet walk to Meet and rry to get high five. Meet dosent react.
Manmeet buy pooja thali for her and tie his hankie on Meets head but it keeps coming off because of wind. Chanda says how we will visit temple without dupatta. Meet says god will help us.
Jasodha ask Panditji to bless thali so that new daughter in law can enter pur home with good blessings. Her daughter in law ask about new daughter in law. Jasodha says you know her already. Panditji begin with the pooja. Wind blow and dupatta fly away. Manmeet hold that and put the dupatta on her hand. Meet remembers her time with Meet Ahlawat. Jasodha and her daughter in law look at dupatta. Jasodha says finally things have reached to it’s destination.

Jasodha in her room with Sarkar. She says why don’t you throw Morkhi out of house or else she will be giving information to her. Sarkar says she is not the one there is someone else, when I’ll catch her she will remember her punishment forever, you stop thinking about this and make arrengements for marriage.

Babita find red dupatta in Meet’s bag says this is use for marriage what is this doing in Meet’s bag.
Meet walk to Raj says why did you choose me, it’s already difficult to work without Meet Ahlawat and now a lookalike is standing infront of me, whenever I see him I miss my Meet Ahlawat I feel different from inside, get weak, when in temple pandit said, she tell them how pandit give them blessings to stay forever. Meet says I know how I felt when he said to us. Raj hugs her says don’t worry you are my smart kid. Babita looks at them says this dupatta is a sign from god.

Meet walking on street alone, she try to kill her and remember Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet stop her syas what are you doing are you mad. Meet says you are back Meet Ahlawat thanks for holding me back and hugs him tightly.

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