Mere Sai 9th October 2019 Written Update

Mere Sai 9th October 2019 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 9th October 2019 Written Episode

Ragini and her friends see Prahlad/Raja insulting Sai and confront him to dare not insult Sai. Raja says Sai is a thief who stole puppy while he was busy protecting his cycle from Martand. Puppy walks to Sai and he says if one speaks with love, anyone will understand him. Prahlad walks away yelling they are all thieves who want to trouble him, he will complain against them to his mother. Children complain Sai how Prahlad troubles them and bullies them showing his toys and bicycle. Sai says one should never get jealous of others goods and should not think of getting it; even Ravan had a lot, but was not happy; on the other side, Ram lost everything and was happy with whatever he got and always saw goodness in everyone; hence when they meet Prahlad next time, they should see his goodness and extend

friendship hand. Martand says he understood and will invite him in our group. Teju walks to them and shouts this will never happen. Keshav returns home and Rukmini informs him that Prahlad complained Tejasvi against Sai and kids and she went to meet them angrily. Keshav rushes towards Dwarkamayi.
Sai greets Tejasvi. Tejasvi shouts these illiterate and dirty poor kids tried to harm Raja. Ragini says Prahlad himself fell and insulted them. Sai reminds her what he taught. Ragini apologizes Tejasvi calling her kaaki/aunt. Tejasvi shouts whom she is calling kaaki, she cannot bear illiterate kids and old man Sai who want to harm her son. Keshav enters and warns her to dare not speak ill about Sai. Tejasvi shouts how can he insult his wife and son and take beggar/fakeer Sai’s side. Sai asks Keshav to calm down and speak to his family politely. Tejasvi yells at Sai that he has hypnotized her husband who is going against her and her son. She walks away from there and Keshav follows her. He sits under a tree and cries. Sai walks to him. Keshav says he fears Tejasvi will take Prahlad to Bambai and doesn’t know when will he see his family again, he doesn’t want to lead a lonely life. Sai consoles him and suggests to speak to his wife calmly and find a solution.

Keshav returns home and tells Tejasvi that she shouldn’t have spoken to Sai so rudely. Tejasvi shouts if he didn’t see Shirdi kids harmed Raja and Sai supported them. Keshav says Prahlad is lying to hide his mistake like always. Tejasvi shouts what kind of father he is to trust a beggar than his son, beggar has hypnotized them all. Rukmini hears that and warns to dare not speak ill about Sai. Tejasi shouts that Keshav told his mother is most humble, but she shouted at her. Rukmini apologizes Tejasvi. Tejasvi continues yelling and says she will return to Bambai and will upbring her son alone in her father’s house. Rukmini requests Keshav to stop his wife. Keshav walks away. Kulkarni thinks if Tejasvi leaves, he cannot grab money from her father; he alleges Rukmini that she took away Keshav from him before and now is taking Keshav’s family away from him. Panta and Santa inform him that Patil has arranged a gathering in chavdi. Kulkarni says good to hear he is invited. They say he is not. Kulkarni walks to chavdi angrily and looking at his throne and reminiscing his golden days sits among people. Mhalsapati addresses people and says every year British judge used to preside Dussehra celebrations, but since he is retired this year, government is sending another officer who likes to mingle only with a rich man who already had communication with British government or any government officer. Kulkarni thinks now they will realize his value.

Precap: Tejasvi tells Keshav that she came to Shirdi to watch dussehra and she wants hr son to act as Ram in drama.

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