Radhakrishn 12th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 12th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 12th February 2020 Written Episode

Sudhama tells his wife that this time he will be chosen as Mahashivrati’s pandit and will get lots of grocery and money. Wife says he is telling this since many years. Sudhama says this time he is sure and prays Mahadev. In Kailash, Parvati tells Mahadev that Sudhama is praying Mahadev since years, when will his ordeal end. Mahadev says soon after mahashivratri and his respectable Krishna will do it. Gowri says she wants to visit Krishna’s mahashivratri celebrations. In Dwarka, Balram excitedly says he will decorate whole Dwarka and will distribute bhasma to all devotees. Krishna says he should decorate Dwarka with rose. Rukmini walks in and says Mahashivratri is wedding celebration of Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding, so they should use marigold flowers. Balram asks marigold? Rukmini gives her reasoning, and Krisha says as his wife wishes. Rukmini gets happy hearing that and says she will relive her wedding vows with Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding.

Radha imagines Krishna’s bansuri sound and enjoys it with closed eyes. Balram walks to her and asks what was she doing. She says she was hearing Krishna’s bansuri sound. He asks where. She says in her heart. Balram thinks Krishna and Radha’s love story is unique. He requests her to prepare feast for mahashivratri celebrations. Rukmini enters and invites Radha for Krishna’s mahashivratri pooja. Radha says she already told that she will lead a simple life, so she cannot attend king’s pooja and can attend cooks and servants’ pooja. Rukmini says she was eager to see her attending Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding as she didn’t attend her and Krishna’s wedding. Radha says mahashivratri is not about wedding, it is about reunite 2 souls and their love. Rukmini says marriage is the destiny of love. Radha says love doesn’t need any destiny and its union of souls. Rukmini says she cannot understand her and walks away.

Sudhama returns home and informs his wife that even this year he wasn’t chosen as mahashivratri’s pandit. Wife says if he cannot beg in front of Krishna, he should seek job. Sudhama says he will seek job from Krishna as she says and says he will meet Krishna after many years, so he needs a gift for Krishna. Wife gives him a handful of rice saved for worst day. He leaves with rice pouch to meet Krishna and thinks how will he find Dwarka. Krishna hearing that says his respectable Mahadev will help Sudhama reach Dwarka. Parvathi tells Mahadev that Krishna found a way at last. They disguise as young couple and meeting Sudhama say they are searching Dwarka and if he is also going there, they together can search it. They finally reach Dwarka door. Sudha thinks his friend built such a mesmerizing city.

Precap: Guards stop Sudhama from entering Dwarka and drag him away. He calls Krishna. Krishna runs towards him.

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