Udaan 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Udaan 31st August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chagan telling Kishori that he is going to meet Imli to return something. He goes out and gets kidnapped. Its morning, Chakor wakes everyone by putting water on them. Chakor asks them to get up, they have to teach her how to climb up the pyramid. She says she wants them ready in 2mins, else she will put more water on them. Lakhan cries on not finding Chagan and says he did many sins, so he lost his son. Kishori cries for Chagan. She asks Kasturi to say will Chagan be alive. Kasturi says yes, he is alive and fine like Chakor, the kids will be in Mumbai, trust me, Lord will make things right. Imli brings water and asks Lakhan to have it, she is sure Chagan is alive.

Lakhan recalls scolding Imli a night before and apologizes to her. He cries. Chakor and her new friends go to see the Janmashtami preparations. They show her the dahi handi and asks her did she understand to climb up, the dahi handi has cheese in it, its broken by the coconut. Chakor asks how will I reach on top, this is very high.

Sunny says she can climb, but she can’t identify that roof, so its imp that Chakor climbs up and sees it. Tamasha asks her not to worry, as the expert will teach her to climb and also manage her fall. Chakor looks at the high altitude. Babu talks to Vaibhavi and says he knows Chakor is here, but how to bring her out of the hideout. Vaibhavi sees Rocky and ends the call. She starts acting and tells her dad that they will know about Chakor till evening in the chawl. She says she is chief guest in dahi handi function, her NGO staff has informed her. She asks Rocky will he come with her for Chakor’s sake. Nana says he will come for sure, even I was coming, I m unwell.

He says you both go and find Chakor. Rocky agrees. Vaibhavi smiles. Sunny asks Chakor to see the pot and makes her practice. They all hold Chakor and make her stand on them to make her practice. Tejaswini is in jail and asks the woman not to fight with her, everytime she does not get enough time. The lady argues with her and Tejaswini slaps her. The lady gets angry and says she will show her now. They fight and lady constable comes to scold them. Tejaswini says they don’t know who is her husband. The lady says yes, we know, he is Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. Tejaswini goes.

Baa asks Ragini and Bhagya to celebrate the Jhulan festival happily. She asks Ragini to go and call Suraj, and they will together pray for Chakor. Vivaan and Suraj come there and Vivaan says Ranjana will surely come. Suraj gets sad. Baa reminds the last year function. Vivaan says I had fun. They argue. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats happening here. He starts scolding them. He asks the servants to come. He asks Girja about Lakhan. Girja says don’t know where is he. Lakhan says he is here and comes there in drunk state.

Bhaiya ji and everyone get shocked seeing him. Lakhan breaks the wine bottle and says he is alive, but her son got dead. Bhaiya ji says you forgot whom are you talking, who am I? Lakhan says why should I remember, you did not be loyal to your wife, will you be loyal to us. Bhaiya ji kicks him angrily. Lakhan laughs and says truth won’t change if you shout, my only son Chagan is dead, I told you many times to give me permission to kill crocodile, I was your loyal dog, you did not leave anyone. He cries a lot. Lakhan says you made Chakor missing from lake and sold her to Babu, and did this crocodile act to hide this truth. They all get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to get silent. Lakhan laughs. He says I have put crocodile with my hands there.

Bhaiya ji says when dog gets mad, he should be shot, I did a mistake. He gets his gun and asks him to be ready to die. Lakhan laughs and asks Bhaiya ji to shoot him. Kishori comes in between and apologizes to Bhaiya ji. She says our son died, so Lakhan got mad, don’t kill him. Bhaiya ji shoots in air. Lakhan laughs. Bhaiya ji says I m leaving him as he has served me a lot. He asks Kishori to take Lakhan away. Amma ji tells Chakor about Bal Gopal killing his Mama Kans, and saying about it. Sunny cries cutting the onions. Chakor wears the feather and smiles. She says she will free her friends and find that roof.

Chakor climbs up the pyramid in janmashtami function.

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  1. Maryam
    August 31, 17:25 Reply

    Pls end this mouse game between vibi and chakor and send chakor back to her mother. After all kastori miss her daughter. And I can’t wait to see mother and daughter getting united again.

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