Veera 31st July 2014 Written Update

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Veera 31st July 2014 Written Update by Amena

Veera 31st July 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veera coming home. Everyone make her tense by joking that Gunjan told them everything how much you and Baldev are working hard there. Veera is relieved and sees Gunjan. Gunjan smiles. Ranvi says we were pulling your leg. Gunjan goes to make tea. Veera goes to help her. Veera talks to Gunjan and thanks her for not telling everyone about her and Baldev. She says it all happened so soon, we will tell everyone the truth when the right time comes, now we need time. Gunjan says I won’t tell anyone, but you have to think again about you and Baldev. She says don’t feel bad, but I don’t like you and Baldev as a couple. You came here after educating from city, your likes and dislikes are different, you know it.

Veera says no, we understand each other, our likes and dislikes are same, we like to spend time together. Gunjan says but when you will start a new life with families joining, what will happen, how will you manage, there are many things to say, I can’t tell this to Baldev, as he is elder to me, but I can tell you, as we are good friends since childhood. She says I don’t think your relation can stay for long. Veera says no, I m sure, our relation will be successful. I have felt love and worry for me in Baldev’s heart, we have mutual feelings, I understand you can’t believe this, but I m sure you will prove to you that our love is not for few days or months, but for lifetime.

Gunjan holds her hand and says fine if you are sure about him. Veera thanks her for understanding her. She hugs her and leaves. Gunjan laughs and says it was so tough to make such face like this and to test her. She says I did not think Veera ji and Veera, they have hidden it from me, I will also have some fun. Its night, Veera hides her face and comes to meet Baldev. He jokes. She says I m so tensed. He asks what happened, you said Gunjan did not tell anyone. Veera says Gunjan is not sure about us. Baldev says how can she say, is she a love teacher to say this. She says we have to prove to her that we are made for each other, as our families will know one day and Gunjan can support us.

He says if we are together, then what will Gunjan do. He says fine, we will prove to her if you are saying, you are my heroine and I m your hero. She smiles and says this dialogue was very bad really. He holds her closer. Happy shappy wala……………..plays……………. They have an eyelock. He says tell me now, are you feeling good now. She puts her dupatta on him and leaves. Baldev smiles.

Ranvi plays the guitar and sings Bekhudi bebasi……………Gunjan comes and smiles hearing him. Gunjan sings loudly the next lines and laughs. She says she sings so bad. He smiles and holds her hand. He sings teri roshni ne mujhko…………….. He hugs her and they have a romantic moment. He says whatever people say, I will say me and my wife are one, if you make her run, I will also run. She says we will run together. Its morning, Veera’s friends come from city to meet her. Veera hugs them and says what a cool surprise. They say we planned this with Gunjan.

Her friend says I m going US next week and we planned a reunion. Veera says she is very happy and thanks Gunjan. Ratan says yes you did this good. Ratan says you all sit and talk, we will go and shop. Gunjan says I will stay here and will make food for them. Ratan says fine. Ranvi greets them and goes. Veera thanks Gunjan for the good surprise. Gunjan says don’t thank me, I called them for some work, you told me you will prove me that Baldev will mix in your friends, then I will be sure that Baldev can win their hearts, this is first test of your love. Veera says I m sure Baldev will pass. Veera thinks she is dying to tell her friends that she is in love and Baldev is her BF, I will surprise everyone by introducing Baldev as my BF. Gunjan says I did not wish to test you, but called them to make them spend time with you and Baldev.

Gunjan asks Ranvi why is he getting so much ready and jokes. He says I m choosing my clothes as you are very busy. She says you will look handsome in any clothes. Veera’s friends ask her about Poland’s trip and Baldev. Gunjan comes and hears them. They tell about Karan dating Sonali now. Veera says his chapter is over and I m really happy. Gunjan smiles and brings lassi for them. Veera thinks to give them a good surprise in evening. Ranvi calls Gunjan and says the marriage is going on, I came out to call you. She smiles and says I m very happy.

He laughs. She says I miss you. He says even I miss you, I feel like coming to you. He says till I don’t come, take this. He gives her a kiss on phone. He says I love you a lot. She asks him to go to Ratan and Chai ji now. She ends the call. Gunjan makes cold drinks. Veera says Baldev will be coming now. She thinks Baldev will win everyone’s hearts. She talks to her friends and Gunjan too joins their talk. Baldev comes and greets everyone. Veera sees her and smiles. They ask about Baldev and give him bad remarks that he was always after Veera. Baldev hears this and gets angry.

Baldev and Veera argue that she did not tell them about him being her BF, as she was ashamed to say it.

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