Maharana Pratap 31st July 2014 Written Update

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Maharana Pratap 31st July 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Maharana Pratap 31st July 2014 Written Episode

Hansa Bai is overlooking the cooking. Ajabdeh comes there. She wants to go to her friend’s place once the guests leave. Hansa Bai tells her to check if the food is cooked well or not. Pratap dint eat anything which worries Ajabdeh. They both wonder if Pratap is feeling well or not. Ajabdeh wants to make khichdi for him. Hansa Bai supports her.

All the men sit down to have food. Pratap praise the fragrance of the khichdi. Ajabdeh stops her mother from telling him that she has made the khichdi. Hansa Bai asks Ajabdeh to eat something as well but Ajabdeh will open her fast tomorrow after the puja only. Pratap hears this and doesn’t eat his food. Hansa Bai tells Uday Singh about her daughter’s stubbornness. Uday Singh finds her very similar to JB.

JB is praying when DB comes to her room. DB wants to have food with her today.

Mamrak ji notices that Pratap is not eating. He isn’t feeling like eating. I will eat later. Uday Singh and all the others are surprised. You were praising the food a while back and now you are saying you are not hungry? Pratap agrees that the good food should be praised but one should be hungry too. Ajabdeh points out that one should eat at the time they are supposed to. Mamrak ji points out that the boring khichdi might not have pleased him. Pratap likes khichdi but maintains his stance that he is not feeling hungry. Uday Singh gets thinking.

DB knows that JB must be thinking why she is doing all this. You and I share a bitter bonding but we think alike on one subject – Rana ji’s welfare and Mewar’s progress. I thought to come to talk to you about the same. I know you want Pratap to marry Ajabdeh. Why are you stuck on this idea? You know it can bring about negative consequences for Mewar in future. JB isn’t interested in listening to anything against Ajabdeh. She has already done it in the past. That thing is over now so why are you after it till today? DB wants her to listen to her first and then come to any decision. JB agrees to listen to her. DB instigates JB against Mamrak ji. He is trying to revive the old ties / feelings between Ajabdeh and Pratap. This is why he took Pratap and Rana ji to Bijolia. Has BIjolia more comfort than Mewar? It’s all about Bijolia’s profit for which it wont let a single opportunity run out of its hand. Will Mewar be able to maintain its name if we don’t keep friendship with Marwar. Who is more beneficial for us – Bijolia or Marwar? She reminds JB about what their priest had told her. Marwar is very powerful. If Pratap marries Phool then our Mewar will be shielded from any enemy for forever. You too know that both the states are friends now and so are Phool and Pratap. This is the right time to encourage Pratap towards choosing Phool and not Ajabdeh. JB is in thoughts.

Uday Singh follows Pratap. He comes in the kitchen area and looks in the containers for food. He finally finds it and fills two plates with different items. Uday Singh continues to watch him from his hiding place. Pratap leaves with the plates and Uday Singh continues to follow him at a distance.

Ajabdeh is in her room. She is sad that Pratap dint eat anything. Don’t know why he dint eat. Pratap comes there and keeps the plates on the table. She is looking out of the balcony and is surprised to hear his voice. She is upset with him for he dint eat the food cooked by her. she wonders about the two plates. He has brought one for her and one for himself. She cannot eat as she has kept a fast. He too wont eat, he says. I, Pratap Singh, can control my hunger too. She tries to stop him so that he eats something. He tells her how they indirectly hurt God by keeping ourselves hungry. Is it good to hurt God? You are troubling Him by staying hungry at this hour? She starts laughing clearly impressed by his words / logic. They both sit down to eat. Pratap eats something and immediately drinks water. He tells Ajabdeh to eat the same dish. She obliges and finds it spicy. He enjoys the moment but tells her not to eat it again. Uday Singh smiles as he watches their bonding.

Rukaiyya Begum’s arrival is announced. Jalal’s mother and Mahamanga are there to welcome her in her new home. Rukaiyya Bi looks around for Jalal. Jalal’s mother agrees to make her meet him soon as he is busy in some work now. Rukaiyya Bi promises not to cause any hindrance in his work. I will go and meet him wherever he is. Jalal’s mother takes her to Jalal’s Diwan-e-Aam. Mahamanga doesn’t look too happy.

Ajabdeh keeps talking to Pratap while he is feeling sleepy. He finally falls asleep and she is surprised to see him thus. She keeps his legs on the bed properly and covers him with the duvet. She adjusts his head on the pillow and he sleeps over her hand. She is stuck now. she tries to free her hand but doesn’t as it can affect Pratap’s sleep. A centipede is approaching towards the bed. The centipede climbs over the bed and bites Ajabdeh. She is in pain but cannot do anything as her hands are under Pratap’s head.

Precap: Chakrapani tells Pratap that this poisonous centipede was biting Ajabdeh and she surely kept bearing the pain so that Pratap sleeps peacefully. Ajabdeh loses consciousness. Uday Singh and Pratap rush to her side. Uday Singh tells Pratap to call the Vaid ji but he stands there looking at Ajabdeh with love and adoration. Pratap agrees with Chakrapani that he will share his feelings with Ajabdeh.

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    August 02, 13:45 Reply

    Lovely ajab de. . . Dont bring phool in between their love

  2. Divya
    July 31, 23:17 Reply

    Superb episode. Want to see more bonding between Pratap and Ajabdeh

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