Woh To Hai Albelaa 19th November 2022 Written Update

Woh To Hai Albelaa 19th November 2022 Written Update by MA

Woh To Hai Albelaa 19th November 2022 Written Episode

Sayuri waits for Kusum to bathe her baby/teddy and return to her. Kusum hands over teddy to her and says she bathed him nicely. Sayuri panics on Kusum. Kusum asks what happened. Saroj and Daadi Mausi hears that and ask what happened. Sayuri says Kusum gave her baby after a bathe without applying nazar ka teeka on him. Saroj says she had already performed baby’s nazar yesterday and applies tika on baby and Sayuri. Sayuri calms down. Saroj thinks evil eyes/nazar has fallen on Kanha and Sayuri and prays god to protect them.

Yash smiles recalling Kanha and Sayuri asking him if he likes Kusum. He thinks he is behaving like a teenager in love and thinks he cannot directly propose to marry Kusum and should support Kanha first during his tough times as a true friend. Sayuri walks in the lawn holding her teddy and slips. Teddy falls into bonfire nearby. She panics and rushes to pick her baby. Kanha tries to stop and control her, but she doesn’t and burns her sari during the process. Kanha calls family. Nakul sets off fire with water. Sayuri continues to panic. Kanha reveals that it was a teddy and she had an abortion. Sayuri refuses to believe and collapses. Doctor tests her. Kanha feels guilty. Dhanraj says he need not feel guilty as its god who made him relay truth to Sayuri.

Indu calls panditji and asks him to perform pooja for her daughter and SIL and their family as problems are hovering over them. Daadi Mausi hears her and suggests her to visit a baba with her. Indu hesitates but agrees on Daadi Mausi’s insistence. Dhanraj and Bhanu hear that and tongue lash them both for believing in superstitions. Kusum feels anxious recaling Sayuri’s condition and thinks of calling Yash and sharing her problem with her. Yash video calls her just then. They both chat. Yash makes her laugh. Kanh on the her side pours his heart out in front of Saroj.

Precap: Sayuri breaks down missing her baby. Kanha says tomorrow morning will bring a new ray of hope in thei lives. Saroj says she won’t be able to recover from her loss.

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