Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Premraj telling Rivaaj that Mayura went to temple to pray for him. Rivaaj thinks if she came to know about my truth. Premraj is about to show her pendant, but Rivaaj gets up and goes. Premraj thinks it is costly, he shall keep it. Rivaaj comes out. Mayura comes there holding puja thaali and gives him Prasad. She asks him to eat and says I didn’t add anything in it. He takes it and smells. Mayura goes thinking she shall be careful. Rivaaj thinks to keep eye on her. kesha asks Roop about Tashi. Roop says Tashi went to fetch water from outside and tells that he is a magician and knows how to play with her mind. Tashi brings water. Roop hides the food he is eating and pretends to help her. He tells that he can’t go out to fetch water as ladies only go here. Tashi

says it was first day for her. She says its ok. Kesha tells Roop that Rivaaj can’t betray her after using her. Mayura is in her room and thinks of searching Ram soon. Rivaaj is standing outside her room and laughs. She opens the door fully and asks what is he doing hiding. He looks at the burnt mark on her shoulder and asks her. He says why this stain on beautiful face and soft body. Mayura recalls Rivaaj burning her and says the reason is you. Rivaaj asks me? Mayura asks are you not Ram? Rivaaj says I am Ram only. Mayura says lamp fall on my shoulder because of you. Rivaaj acts as he remembers and says I will clean your stain, and touches her. Mayura pushes the door on his leg and he writhes in pain. She thinks you have burnt alive persons and is writhing pain due to this small hurt. She asks him to go. Rivaaj calls Someone and asks to meet, says he has a new plan.
Kesha comes to meet Rivaaj outside her house. Kesha asks him to call her back home. Rivaaj says I called you for work and says I am giving you a chance to return home. He says I want to know everything about Mayura and asks if she can find out. Kesha says I can do anything to come near him and asks what I have to do. Rivaaj tells her something. Mayura thinks someone is helping Rivaaj and thinks whom? She thinks if that person was in marriage too and checks the marriage pictures. She thinks to make Rivaaj tell everything by making him drunk and tell herself that she shall think another plan. She calls someone and says she needs something urgently. Mayura thinks once she succeeds in her plan then will find out about Ram’s location. Tashi comes to the neighborhood to buy vegetables where Rivaaj’s car is parked. Rivaaj explains his plan. Tashi buys vegetables for 800 Rs and thinks she has just 1000 rs. She sees Kesha and Rivaaj in the car and is about to go near the car. When the seller asks for money, she pays him money and turns, but finds his car gone.

Mayura injects something in Rivaaj’s perfume and thinks how to go inside the room. She sees Premlatha and gets an idea. She says Rivaaj’s perfume came with her clothes. Premlatha says I will keep it and asks her to stay away from her son for 9 days. Mayura asks can you stop your son from coming near me. Premlatha says she will. Mayura thinks now premlatha will keep him away from me. Roop feels hungry. Tashi comes home and says she will make something. She asks about kesha. Roop says he doesn’t know. Tashi tells him that she saw Kesha and Rivaaj in the market and she was close to him. She says Rivaaj had thrown her out of house and says we left house because of her, so why she is going back to him. Roop says she loves him so much and is ready to do anything for him. He says if they are having an affair. Tashi gets upset. Mayura waits for Rivaaj and thinks if he is planning something.

Precap: Rivaaj’s guest gives Mayura to eat something. After eating she feels drowsy. He asks about her family. She says she is from Jhansi and had small family.

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