Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Episode

Prithvi orders Kritika to kneel down on a gun point. Prithvi gets the mic and orders everyone to accumulate in the hall in 5 seconds, or else, he will shoot Kritika. Everyone gets scared and rushes towards hall. Everyone gets worried about Kritika. Prithvi tells everyone that he knew, everyone will come to save Kritika, and if they don’t his orders, he will kill Kritika. Arjun tells Prithvi, everyone agreed to him and got gathered here, now leave Kritika. Prithvi tells him to stand quietly if he doesn’t want Kritika to get harmed. Prithvi orders his men to rob everyone’s jewellery. Rishab tells them to stop and tells Prithvi he will give everything to him and even money, if he leaves right now. Prithvi points the gun at Rishab. Shamu says, now they will give order to everyone. Dadi requests Shamu and his men to leave. Shamu orders his men to take everyone’s jewellery. One of Shamu’s men accidentally drops his gun and his phone, Shamu starts yelling at him. Shrishti sneakingly pushes the gun towards her with her foot. Shamu’s men starts robbing everyone while threatening them with a knife. Preeta intentionally drops one of her bangle and picks up the phone sneakily. Shamu’s men continues to rob everyone. Shrishti tells Sameer that there’s a gun near her feet, and asks him to pick it up. Arjuns listens to her. Preeta secretly records everything and uploads it on social media, so that police can take action. Sameer tries to pick up the gun, but Prithvi pushes him. Everyone gets scared. Prithvi says that he warned them already, but they are still not listening to him. Prithvi picks up the other gun too and starts pointing it on everyone. Prithvi warns again, and says, he will kill everyone this time. Shamu says, why is everyone taking so time despite of being so rich. Prithvi interrupts Shamu and advises him to get back to the work. Shamu gets angry and starts yelling at Prithvi, he also points his knife towards him. Shrishti remembers about Anjali and wonders that, where is she?

Anjali goes inside the and sees Girish hiding there. Anjali asks him, what is he doing here? Girish replies that he’s hiding from them. Anjali tells him that the thugs called the whole family and asks him is he’s snitching on them? Girish says that he’s helping them, and even called the police. Anjali asks him, if he got phone? Girish says, yes and tells her that he thinks that one of the thug is Prithvi. Anjali gets confused and leaves.

Prithvi and Shamu starts arguing and Rishab tries to interrupts them, but Prithvi again points the gun at him and tells him to be quiet. Shamu tells Prithvi to not forget that he has to repay his debt. Prithvi tells Shamu to stop showing him his attitude. Shrishti agrees with Prithvi and says, that he’s right. Prithvi accidentally thanks her by calling her by her name. Sameer asks Prithvi, how do he know Shrishti’s name? Everyone gets confused. Shrishti says, she’s famous, that’s why he knows her name. Rakhi tells Sameer to not get jealous, Sherlin belongs to him only. Preeta also agrees with her and tells Sameer that Shrishti loves him, even though she’s fights with him sometimes. Shrishti says, she don’t. Dadi says that all of these goons are invited by Shrishti, that’s why they all know her name. Preeta gets confused.
Just then, Anjali comes in and asks Prithvi to tell his name. Kritika mocks her by saying that they all are robbers and will never tell their real identity . Anjali tells her to shut up! Prithvi gets frustrated and tells everyone his real identity. Everyone is left bewildered after listening to him.

Preeta’s Dadi reaches the Luthra mansion. She finds the guards lying unconscious. She gets worried.

Kritika tells that the goon can’t be Prithvi. Rakhi tells that she just wants the marriage to happen on time. She asks the guests to give the jewellery to the goons, she will pay for their loss later. Bani finds her very innocent. Rakhi tells that they are really rich, they have much money and jewellery, they have no pride, they can make ten such mansions. She fools Shambu and snatches the gun from his hand, and Arjun snatches Prithvi’s. Rakhi asks Rishab to take their weapons. She asks the goons to keep their weapons down. Rakhi bravely locks the goons in a room.

Prithvi and Shambu argue and blame each other. Shambu asks him why didn’t he tell about Rakhi’s cleverness. Prithvi tells that he didn’t know how Luthras will behave, Rakhi has turned smart and daring because of Preeta. Shambu asks him not to sing praise of Rakhi. The goons also praise Rakhi. Shamnu and Prithvi vent anger and beat their men. Shambu asks what will they do now. Prithvi thinks of some plan. He tells that its Shambu’s mistake to keep Sherlyn captive, if she was with them today, then she would have helped them. Shambu tells that there would be one person, who can rescue them.

Rakhi is glad that they have succeeded to lock the goons. She scares Mahesh. She tells that he thinks she is sweet, but she is sharp also. She asks him not to stop her next time. Mahesh tells that its not wise to be brave, but he admits she is daring. Sameer tells that they should see the goons’ faces. Rakhi tells him that they should go ahead with the marriage rituals first. She asks pandit to start the rituals. Bani asks Preeta to freshen up. Rishabh goes to get his phone.
Rakhi asks Arjun to freshen up and come for puja. Karan is happy to see Rakhi’s new side. Rishabh tells that police is coming, thanks to Preeta’s live video. Kareena is impressed by Preeta’s smartness. Karan thinks of Kavya and realizes that she is just like him. He sits in the mandap. Preeta asks Shrishti if she wants to say something. Shrishti tells that she felt Arjun is Karan, but she got confused. She now believes that Arjun is Karan.

PreCap: Anjali advises Prithvi to first let this wedding end, and then attack. Anjali also gives Prithvi his gun back.
Preeta’s dadi tells Preeta that, when she was coming inside, she saw all the guards were down. Preeta gets shocked.
Anjali is holding a gun and decides to shoot Preeta when Prithvi attacks again .

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