Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma ‘get nosy’ on the sets of Jamai Raja

An actor needs to be in the right mood to deliver a path breaking performance. While there are many actors who have their ‘fundas’ of improvising on scene delivery, one such actor in the television industry who has a unique technique for boosting his performance is Ravi Dubey.

We all know that Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma have been paired opposite each other for Zee TV’s presentation, Jamai Raja (Sagar Pictures). During the recent press conference held in a suburban hotel, we learnt something amusing about an incident which frequently keeps occurring on the sets of the show.

A source informs us, “Well, Ravi has a habit of connecting his phone to the speaker and listening to songs while shooting romantic scenes, as it helps him get into the skin of the character. And he gets so much into the emotion that he bumps his nose into his co star.”

Wow, looks like that is Ravi’s ‘kick’ to brilliant performance!

Talking about it, Nia said, “Yes, he often listens to music and while enacting an intimate romantic scene it often happens that his nose clashes with mine and all of us on the set keep wondering what is with our noses. But over all I feel Ravi puts in a lot of effort into making a perfect shot and I sometimes wonder if I can match up to his performance.”

Ravi Dubey laughed as he added, “Yes, I do have a habit of playing music and our noses keep bumping into each other. The thing is that music works really well for me; so I carry a Bluetooth speaker with me and while shooting for romantic scenes I play it.”

Cheers to that!!! We hope to see some good romance between Nia and Ravi in Jamai Raja !

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