Naagin 5 31st January 2021 Written Update

Naagin 5 31st January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 5 31st January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bani asking Tapish and Jai if they heard something, when they enter the house where Veer is locked underneath. Veer manages to fly out and blames bani to be dangerous. Jai tells Bani that not only he killed Maarkaat, but also got her powers.

14 hours before: Bani thinks where to search Viranshu? Jai comes behind Bani and says he is searching her since long. Bani cries and says we have to do something. She says I don’t know where is Viranshu, and tells that she couldn’t identify who was the girl who took my avatar and took Viranshu. Jai asks her to leave everything on God and tells that he knows a Baba who can tell about Veer. He holds her hand and says I know that you don’t want to trust me, but I want to help you from my heart. He thinks he came to help her and trapped her in his trap.

Veer gains consciousness in the underground room and recalls everything. He recalls Rani telling that she is not interested in him, asking him to see what she can do with him. He thinks she was a betrayal girl, I have to find out who was she? Jai tells Bani that we have to go to that way and thinks you will walk on your last journey, if you step on it. She hears baby crying sound. Jai asks her to start walking. Bani changes the route and hears the baby laughing when she chooses other way. Jai asks her to come this way. Bani says no, this is the right way. Jai thinks she is going towards Veer. Bani reaches at the place, where Veer is locked. Tapish also reaches there. Bani thanks him for coming at the short time. Tapish says I don’t think that Veer is here. Jai says the gate is locked. Bani tells Jai that she don’t want to know what he feels and asks him to be silent, if he don’t want to help them. Bani closes her eyes and asks her baby to show her if her/his baba is here. She comes inside the house. Veer tries to break the roof and get out from there. Bani senses something and her skin becomes scaly. She asks Tapish, if he heard something. Bani says, I can hear. Jai thinks what is happening, how she can hear what others can’t. They come to the room. Bani feels Veer is inside and sits down on the floor to check. She then gets up and stamps her feet on the ground. She then makes Tapish and Jai move backwards. Veer becomes eagle and tries to break the roof. He thinks he has to leave from here anyhow. While Bani also tries to break the floor. Veer manages to fly out as the roof breaks by Bani. Bani gets happy to see him. Veer pushes her. Tapish says bani has saved you. Veer says she is not only Stalker, but she is very danger than we think. He says she brought him here and then thrown him inside. He blames her and is about to go. Bani asks Tapish to go with him. Veer comes back to Bani and says I shall hate you, but don’t know why I can’t hate you and getting pulled towards you. He says I can’t even fight, but I will fight. He hears baby crying and asks Tapish, if he heard something. Tapish says no. Veer says may be there is some magic of this magician girl. They leave. Bani tells Jai that she don’t know how to make Veer understand. Jai asks him to forget Veer and come with him. Bani says may be you are saying right and says I am alone in future too. She says I feel that our journey was till here. Jai says I am here and hugs her to pacify her, smiles.

Jai asks Bani to come with him and rest for sometime. He takes her to a house and says there is just one bedroom here. She asks him to go and says I will handle. She closes the door after he goes. Jai thinks I have no problem to go away from you, as you are away from Veer. Bani thinks though I am away from Veer, I will find ways to protect him. Jai thinks I have to keep you here until that night comes.

Veer asks Tapish and Meera to go. He hears baby sound and tries to divert himself in work. Tapish says this is not the time to work. Veer tells that he is hearing baby sound and asks why am I hearing this? He says magician bani rani is trying to control me using the baby sound, says he will get mad. He asks them to go mad. Tapish and Meera try to be with him, but he makes them go and hears baby crying sound. He keeps hand on his ears and thinks why am I hearing this sound.

Meera asks Tapish what Veer is doing? Balwant says until bani gets back with Veer, he can’t be fine. Ponky asks Daksh, shall we tell bade papa that the naag Jai is doing something wrong and we are with him. Daksh stops him. Balwant asks them to go. Veer tries to sleep and gets baby sound. He wears headphone and listens to music. He again hears baby crying sound and gets tensed. He thinks why is he hearing such sound and keeps hand on his ears.

Next morning, Jai makes tea for Bani. Bani tells that she has to go. Jai asks where? Bani says she has to go and find out about the astrology about the danger. Jai says veer has forgotten you and asks what is the benefit? Bani says he has forgotten me, but I didn’t forget him. She says Veer is my husband and I want to protect him. Jai tells her that her enemy is more powerful than her and asks how did he manage to come inside the house, moving the bel patr, took your avatar and took Veer with him. Bani understands Jai is her enemy. Jai asks her to sit and think. Bani says lets go out, I am feeling suffocated. She thinks I won’t let you know that I have identified my enemy.

Balwant, Tapish and Meera come to Veer’s room. Veer tries to pack his bag and tells Balwant that he can’t bear as his nerves are bursting. He says I have to go away from here. He goes out of the house, while they try to stop him. Bani thinks how to get rid of Jai, until he is with me, I can’t search Veer. Veer is in the car and still hears baby sound. She thinks how to make Jai go away from here. She says she wants to get over the thoughts of Viranshu. Jai asks her to hold his hand. She holds his hand and pretends to fall. Jai says I will lift you. Bani says I can’t move and asks him to bring spray from his house. Jai says ok and goes. He returns and finds her missing. He realizes she has fooled him. Bani runs to escape from Jai. Veer is in the car still.

Bani sees him going to the other side and turns to see Jai coming from the front. Jai asks what is this? I am trying to help you. Bani pushes him and says she knows that he did this to get her powers. Jai says yes and tells that he will kill her and will become owner of the Naagmani, and will become shaktimaan and will be worshipped in the World. Bani says we are devotees and can’t be worshipped. Jai says that’s why you are left as an eagle’s wife. Jai says I worship devil and will do the same. Bani says Veer let you stay in his house and you…Jai says he is fooling them. Bani asks him to be quiet and says you are a devil by birth. She says you are lying since start. Jai says I had killed maarkaat as she was the stairs to reach up and that’s why I killed her.

Bani says I can’t believe, how I couldn’t identify you and got betrayed by you since Satyug. He asks her not to cry. Bani says I will not leave you, I am even now aadinaagin and holds him. He becomes like Maarkaat, with his half face burning. He says I didn’t even kill my mother, but got all her powers. He says lets see, who kills whom? Bani pushes him and vanishes. He shouts Aadinaagin.

Veer thinks this is done by the stalker and thinks this voice will make me mad. He thinks not to let the voice overpower him and says he is Viranshu Singhania. Bani runs on the road and collides with Veer’s car. Veer stops the car and asks if she wants to die with his car. He asks what she wants to do. He says I am getting mad and says you pushed me in kalkothri and then you pushed me. He asks her to go.

He asks her to get out, else he will drive car on her. He turns and thinks if he is imagining her. He thinks he is getting mad and sits in the car.

Jai searches for Bani and asks her to come infront of him. He says you are nothing infront of Maarkaat’s powers, you are good naagin who has good values, whose end will be very bad. Bani comes infront of Jai and says Aadinaagin, don’t need to run away from snakeinsleeve like you. She says I am not afraid of you. He says you shall be afraid and attacks her. Veer finds the baby crying sound again while driving the car. He plays the song, but continues to hear the sound. He asks himself to stop thinking about the lady and asks him to stop himself. Jai attacks Bani. Bani counterattacks him and makes him fall down. She picks the tree stem and hits Jai with it. Jai becomes half snake and throws tree stem on Bani, but she moves back. Jai gets up.

Precap: Veer and Bani’s daughter is born. A guy is shown with Dracula teeth. Naagin’s new story unfolds. Kuch toh hai from 7th February.

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