Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simar coming to Simar 2 and saying sorry. She says I had promised you that I will be with you always. She says I am proud of my choice and have no repentance for my decision. She says you are the right girl for Aarav and Oswal family. She asks Simar 2 to remember her words and asks her to have patience until the family accepts her, and sees her from her perspective. She says this is my trust that everyone will accept you one day and asks her to be courageous and not to lose hope. She says you are not alone here, your two friends are here, your inlaws and tells that they will take care of you like your parents. She says Badi Maa’s anger will melt down soon and asks her not to worry. She tells that this decision is taken by Mata Rani, she has chosen you as Aarav’s life partner as even she didn’t want you to lose your first love, and that’s why she gave you Aarav. She asks her to win Aarav’s heart and tells that she couldn’t get a good life partner than Aarav. She asks her to take care and hugs her. Simar and Simar 2 cries, while others looks on. Simar asks Simar 2 not to cry. Simar 2 doesn’t leave her hand. Simar shows the Mata Rani pendant which she made Simar 2 wear and asks her to have strength. Both of them cry. Simar comes to Badi Maa and touches her feet. She says one day you will know why I have chosen Simar 2 for Aarav and that day you will feel proud of on your Simar, I will wait for that day. Badi Maa turns her face. Simar looks at Sandhya and folds her hands. She looks at Aarav and Gajendra before walking out from there.

Simar is walking out. Shobha comes to Simar and says you didn’t listen to me, I told that daughters are not accepted in this house, they just use it. Simar says daughters are not greedy to be accepted in her own house and tells that she is not sad at leaving, but she has made the happiness enter the house, atleast she can sleep peacefully now. Shobha smirks. Badi Maa empties the kalash pot and tells Bhairav that she shall see the floor sparkling and no dust or drain shall be inside. She says when new bahu enters, she brings fragrance and sweetness with her, but her step brought betrayal, conspiracy and lie in our house and we can’t welcome her. She comes to Simar 2 and tells that she will not bear her in this house even for a minute, says neither you are my choice nor my helplessness. She says I didn’t bear to see you in the wedding and asks what do you think that I will make you bahu. She asks her to leave the house, else she will get her and her family jailed. Sandhya is shocked. Badi Maa goes. Chitra asks Simar 2 if she didn’t hear what Badi Maa told, and asks her to get out. Gajendra shouts Chitra. Chitra goes. Sandhya is about to go to Simar 2, but Gajendra stops her and sympathizes with Aarav. Sandhya also goes with him. Aarav looks shattered.

Vivaan gives water bottle to Reema. Reema says sorry. Vivaan says it is all messed up, you are here and Simar is at your place and this all happened because of my mom. He says I don’t know whom to handle, you, Aarav bhai or Badi Maa. He feels helpless. Reema looks at him. Simar 2 looks at Aarav with hope in her eyes and starts walking out. Aarav gets angry and breaks his pearls chain angrily. Simar 2 looks at him. Aarav goes inside.

Roma’s father in law tries to treat Avinash and finds his heart beat stopping. He tries to revive him. Indu, Roma and Gagan come there. He asks Gagan to take them out and tries to revive Avinash. Bhairav assigns the task to the Servant to clean the floor. The Servant cleans the floor and wipes the feet prints. Simar 2 walks out of the house Simar is still in the house and finds Simar 2 leaving. Simar 2 recalls Badi Maa’s words, telling she will send her father to jail for doing fraud with them. Simar looks on helplessly. Simar 2 looks at her mehendi hands and then looks at Simar, before walking away from there.

Precap: Some goons surrounds Simar 2 and throws her ghunghat in air. Aarav comes there and catches her dupatta. He beats the goons and bring her back home.

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