Waaris 30th June 2016 Written Update

Waaris 30th June 2016 Written Update by Amena

Waaris 30th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mannu saying mummy does not love me. Bheeru says no, she loves you a lot. He says she does not love me, and always scolds me, I will leave house and go to Papa. Bheeru says she scolds you to make you better. Mannu says she does not let me go to school. Bheeru tells him about some story to a girl. Mannu asks why are you saying this girl’s story to me, I m a boy, I did not understand this. He sleeps. Bheeru says even I don’t understand anything. Amba looks on and thinks I know I m snatching your childhood and identity, but I m helpless you have to become the heir of this house.

Swaroop goes to Raman and gives him tiffin. Raman says Bua thanks, but I m getting late, I have to rush. She gives him jeep keys. He says Papa will beat. She says I got many slaps from Harjeet, don’t
worry, come. Amba talks to Simran. Simran says I will become a big doctor. Amba says I will make you study in big school and you can do my treatment when I get old. Mannu comes and shows maths problems. Simran says you made mistakes. Mannu shows Gunjan’s mistakes more than him, and still teacher gave her good. Simran teaches him. Mannu says I would have studied well if I went to school. Amba says one who can study well can study at home too. Simran ties Mannu’s hair and laughs. Amba gets shocked and scolds Simran. She asks Mannu to make his hair proper and says he is a guy, not a girl.

Swaroop drives the jeep. The ladies taunt her. Swaroop stops the jeep and gets angry. She takes jeep reverse and makes dirt water fall on them. She taunts Kamla back. Swaroop drives ahead and gets sad. Raman looks on tearful eyes and says Bua you are really good, none has courage like you, not even Papa. She drops him to his school and leaves.

Sukhi gets ready to go school. Raavi asks him to say something, why is he not walking straight. Sukhi says nothing. She asks him to open his shoes. She gets Kanche in his shoes and asks whats this. Sukhi says exams go well putting this Kanche in shoes. He looks at Mannu. She asks Sukhi to study well. She sees Mannu and says I will complain about you to Amba. She asks Sukhi to write exam well and sends him. Mannu asks why does Sukhi agree to me. Raavi asks Amba to see Mannu, he always troubles Sukhi. Bheeru and Simran smile. Bheeru asks what did you do. Amba makes Mannu apologize. Mannu says I will go school with Bheeru to drop Simran. Amba stops Mannu. Mannu asks Bheeru to take him, I apologized too. Amba says you won’t go anywhere and holds him. Mannu cries. He says you don’t love me and goes.

Harjeet and Amrit see their sons Rohan and Raj fighting. Amrit asks Harjeet to stop Rohan from troubling Raj. Harjeet asks her to tell Raj to fight for himself, and calls him a woman. Raj falls and stands up. Harjeet scolds him and asks him to lower his eyes. Amrit stops Harjeet and asks him to go. Harjeet says we showed Raj to all doctors, there is no problem in his legs, he has no will to walk. Raj says mummy, I know Papa does not love me. She says no, Harjeet wants you to walk. He says no, I know he does not love me, he never gets anything for me.

Mannu cries thinking of Amba’s words. Bheeru asks Amba why did she not allow Mannu to go with him. She says I can’t allow him to go to school. He asks why. She says I can’t let him go where he gets new dreams which I can’t fulfill. He asks how long will you lock him at home, he said he will go to Charan. She says he was attacked when he was a baby, I have to protect him and the secret too, once Mannu goes out, the secret will come out, you know what will happen then. Bheeru asks her to praise Mannu, whatever we do, the truth is Mannu is a girl, not a guy, even then he is doing good. She asks what girl, he is my son and this house’s heir, this is the truth. They turn and get shocked seeing Bebe there.

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